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Rams-Falcons Week 2 fantasy stat predictions: Cam Akers gets right against Atlanta

We are going to focus on the LA Rams in this one.

Los Angeles Rams Training Camp Photo by Scott Taetsch/Getty Images

The fantasy predictions below are not to be used by anyone, and the predictors themselves will not be held responsible for any fantasy mistakes and or fantasy decisions made by others. When setting your own lineup please use your own judgement. It’s your team.

Rams players being looked at this week: Matthew Stafford, Darrell Henderson, Cam Akers, Coop Kupp, Allen Robinson, and Tyler Higbee

QB Matthew Stafford

Predicted Fantasy Position Ranking for Week 2: 8

Week 2 stat prediction: 325 yards, 4 TD, 1 INT

Why: The Falcons defense isn’t the threat that the Bills are with regards to pass rush, so Stafford should have less of an issue picking them apart and finding the end zone four times. As usual, Stafford is a threat to throw an interception.

RB Darrell Henderson

Predicted Fantasy Position Ranking for week 2: 20

Week 2 stat prediction: 10 carries for 50 yards, 3 receptions for 15 yeads and a touchdown

Why: The Rams will get Cam Akers (more on him below) going and not at the expense of Darrell Hendersen. Sean Mcvay knows this has to be a get right game and he needs the team feeling good and firing on all cylinders before they take on Arizona next week. Expect Henderson to be efficient and explosive.

RB Cam Akers

Predicted Fantasy Position Ranking for week 2: 18

Week 2 stat prediction: 17 carries for 90 yards, 1 touchdown. 3 receptions for 10 yards.

Why: If Akers does not get something going in this game, then we have to start asking “if” and not “when” he will. Akers should be able to have a decent game because the Rams should be able to march up and down the field through the ground and air. I would expect the LA defense to cause turnovers, like last week, but expect the Rams offense to be very advantageous in this game and to score points off the turnovers more than last week.

WR Cooper Kupp

Fantasy Position Ranking 7

Week 2 stat prediction: 10 catches 110 yards

Why: Do you remember the last time that Cooper Kupp had a bad game? Me either. Expect Cooper Kupp to keep doing Cooper Kupp things. He and Matthew had breakfast just this morning, and were casually talking about how they will pick apart the Falcons defense over some coffee and whole-grain toast.

WR Allen Robinson

Fantasy Position Ranking 20

Week 2 stat prediction: 5 catches, 40 yards, and 2 touchdowns

Why: Yes, I expect (mainly hope!) the Rams put up at least 5 touchdowns with Robinson catching 2 of them. The Rams brought in Robinson so that he could run some of the Odell Beckam Jr. “Go up and get em!” balls. We know where routes like that are really effective. The endzone. Unfortunately, the Rams really didn’t give Robinson a look like that until their final offensive play against the Bills last week. Expect the Rams to get Robinson going as the red zone threat that they brought him in to be.

Tyler Higbee

Fantasy Position Ranking 15

Week 2 stat prediction: 4 catches for 50 yards

Why: Higbee will keep doing what he does, and that’s be a reliable target for the LA Rams. Higbee is a fine fantasy TE in a deeper league (in my humble opinion that’s 12 teams or more), and he has a chance to score a touchdown any game, I think that this game is not his first real breakout game of the year yet (that might be against Arizona). We’ll take the yards and receptions, for now.