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Matthew Stafford dealing with ‘bad tendonitis’ in throwing elbow

The Rams are doing everything in their power to make sure Stafford is ready for the start of the regular season

Los Angeles Rams Training Camp Photo by Scott Taetsch/Getty Images

According to NFL Network’s Ian Rapoport, Rams quarterback Matthew Stafford is dealing with tendonitis in his throwing elbow and that the issue started in the spring. As we’ve been reporting, Stafford hasn’t been practicing for the last few days other than throwing on the side, as John Wolford is taking reps with the starters.

Rapoport said that he doesn’t sense any concern with the team as far as Stafford missing games, but that of course any potential issue with a quarterback’s throwing arm is going to draw attention.

Stafford’s elbow has been monitored by the team dating back to last season but so far the quarterback hasn’t missed a game since 2019.

There hasn’t been any sign yet that Sean McVay or Stafford expect this issue to cost him a game, but McVay did acknowledge that everything in the plan today is so that he can be ready to go for the Buffalo Bills game on September 8th. If there needs to be “a plan” for that to happen, that’s at least some acknowledgment that if L.A. goes off-schedule that they fear a risk of Stafford missing that game.

If not more.

This could be much ado about nothing. We won’t see Stafford or John Wolford in the preseason, so it is just a matter of reading reports until finally the team says that all is set in plan for Week 1. That might not happen until September 7th.