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Will any Rams get claimed on Wednesday?

Chris Garrett, Jacob Harris among those who could interest other teams

NFL: Las Vegas Raiders at Los Angeles Rams Joint Practice Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

With only 53 players left on the Los Angeles Rams roster now, that leaves about 27 players free to be claimed or signed by another team. Sean McVay has noted recently that given the number of his former coaches running the show around the league, whether that be as head coaches or coordinators, that the Rams’ cuts are even more enticing on the waiver wire than the average franchise.

Could any be claimed before McVay has a chance to add them to the practice squad?

WR Jacob Harris

The obvious fit here is with the Vikings and former offensive coordinator Kevin O’Connell, who also hired former tight ends coach Wes Phillips as his offensive coordinator. The Vikings are happy with the five receivers who they kept on the roster, including Ihmir Smith-Marsette and sixth rounder Jalen Nailor as depth, but could O’Connell keep Harris as a sixth?

O’Connell already dipped a little bit, signing tight end Johnny Mundt in the offseason.

Maybe if the Vikings have a corresponding roster moved lined up, they would consider stashing Harris as a project for 2023 and beyond. Adam Thielen is 32 and Minnesota doesn’t have any obvious candidates (yet) to develop into a starter next to Justin Jefferson.

I don’t imagine that the Packers would kick the tires (they kept seven receivers), but maybe Lions GM Brad Holmes would take a swing. Overall, I do not expect Harris to be claimed, he’s just too far away from being able to contribute to an NFL team at this point.

Claimed? I don’t think so

OT Max Pircher

Even though the Rams have a practice squad exemption for Pircher, he has to pass through waivers first and if a team decides to use a 53 on him, then Pircher would have the right to leave for that opportunity.

We know how precious the chances are to add offensive line talent in the NFL. Look at former Rams defensive coordinator Brandon Staley, as the Chargers only have three on the roster, including Trey Pipkins and Storm Norton at right tackle. The Bears are starting rookie Braxton Jones and journeyman Riley Reiff, with only Larry Borom as a backup. Holmes only has one backup tackle in Detroit. The Steelers only have two right now. Even the Rams technically only kept three.

There are always utility players and practice squad options to call in a pinch, but tackle is a hot commodity. Pircher only played a few snaps in the preseason and he does not seem ready to play in a game any time soon.

Would a team be willing to stash him at the cost of one of their contributors? Either McVay is so confident that won’t happen that’s why he put Pircher at risk, or he’s willing to take that chance because L.A. is in their championship window.

I don’t think Pircher will be claimed and he’ll be a 17th player on the practice squad.

Claimed? Not likely but Jordan Mailata is one reason why a team might bite

OLB Chris Garrett

If the Rams had not drafted Garrett, if he had been an undrafted free agent instead of a seventh round pick, would there even be any question about this? Garrett was the 252nd pick of the draft, he played four snaps during his rookie season, and he wasn’t able to really showcase much during training camp and preseason.

Another team may feel like Garrett’s athleticism is so unique, they are comfortable stashing him on their roster. Or even giving him meaningful snaps. But that has to come at the cost of someone who that team has been playing with for at least the last month, someone who that team believes right now will help contribute to their franchise.

The most obvious candidate is Broncos defensive coordinator Ejiro Evero, a former defensive assistant under McVay. But that is unlikely: Denver has one of the deepest edge rushing groups in the NFL.

I don’t think there is a strong fit for Garrett other than returning to L.A.’s practice squad. But you never know and I know that McVay roots for all of his cuts to find teams.

Claimed? I don’t think so and the Rams may need him soon

WR Austin Trammel

I’m a huge fan of Trammel, so I certainly hope to see him with an opportunity. Receivers have the benefit of playing a position that needs a lot of players, but the other edge of the sword is that teams are overloaded with options. Trammel would be praying to carve out a career like Danny Amendola, which requires perfect timing and a lot of luck.

He’d also need to show out on special teams. Might the Houston Texans or even San Francisco 49ers be willing to take that leap?

I’d be very surprised to see Trammel end up on a 53-man roster right now, but not necessarily later in the season.

Claimed? Unlikely

OT A.J. Arcuri

Well he plays that coveted tackle position and he was close to making the Rams, probably. He also failed to beat out Bobby Evans. In the interest of not saying that no Rams will get claimed, let’s give the nod to Arcuri.

Claimed? Sure. Maybe...Cardinals?

Chandler Brewer, Jeremiah Kolone, Earnest Brown, Benton Whitley might also be options.