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Adam Schefter accuses Aaron Donald of committing ‘assault’ in brawl with Bengals

Well, that’s certainly a take

Chargers Rams at SoFi Robert Gauthier/Los Angeles Times via Getty Images

Multiple small fights broke out during the Rams-Bengals joint practice on Thursday, but then a much larger brawl and melee occurred late in the day that drew attention all over social media. When asked to analyze “What happened out there?” following the news, ESPN’s Adam Schefter only had one word for what Aaron Donald was doing during the brawl. And he said it twice.

“Assault. Assault.”

This is not the first fight at a training camp joint practice—it happens countless times every year since the joint practices became more popular when the NFL reduced the number of preseason games from four to three—and not the first time that Donald has been accused of assault. He wasn’t guilty the first time. He’s not going to be charged with anything on Thursday.

But according to Schefter, Thursday’s brawl between the Rams and Bengals could only be summed up with that one word.

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