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Thursday’s fight continues combative trend in Rams’ joint practices

Boys will be boys but Aaron Donald is a grown man

Syndication: The Enquirer Sam Greene/The Enquirer / USA TODAY NETWORK

Wednesday was an ideal day. The Los Angeles Rams and Cincinnati Bengals got quality reps against each other, as the Super Bowl 56 representatives squared off in the first day of joint practices. Unfortunately, Thursday’s practice ended abruptly, with numerous fights leading to one big melee.

In fairness to all involved, it should have been expected that the two teams would mix it up after battling for the Lombardi trophy less than seven months ago.

Joint practices are a great way to foster competition in a controlled environment, especially for teams that prioritize resting their starters in the preseason. These are valued opportunities in which new players like Allen Robinson and Bobby Wagner can get live reps against different teams and schemes, building chemistry with their respective units. But considering recent events, LA’s decision makers may want to consider taking a brief hiatus from these types of sessions.

It’s not because THIS practice ended in a brawl. It’s because the last four joint practices the Rams have taken part in have had viral brawls going back to 2019 against the then Oakland Raiders and 2021 (oh, and 2015) against the Dallas Cowboys.

Head coach Sean McVay highlighted the fact that both teams did get quality work in the abbreviated session and was thankful that no one was injured in the skirmish.

“The thing I’m glad about, I don’t know exactly what instigated it, I think in some instances teams defending each other,” said McVay. “Fortunately, my understanding is nobody got hurt and well move on from it. Not going to make a bigger deal than what it is.”

I don’t want to see any player (especially on the Rams) get seriously hurt in a pointless fight. One accurate swing from a helmet connecting with a head or a twisted knee for a player simply trying to avoid a fight and we’re all having a different conversation.

There was some concern amongst fans about a potential suspension for the three-time Defensive Player of the Year Aaron Donald. According to Josina Anderson of CBS Sports, that matter can be put to rest; individual teams are responsible for doling out punishment for practice related instances.

Maybe McVay will suspend AD for the final preseason game…

I don’t believe Donald is a dirty player, regardless of the fact that I am looking at this situation through blue and sol tented glasses. I do think its clear he had no intentions of truly hurting anyone on the Bengals. Had that been the case, he would have just hit them with this.