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Top-20 Los Angeles Rams: The first 7 names and the rise of Brian Allen

What LA Rams fans say about who should rank higher on the top-20

Los Angeles Rams v Baltimore Ravens Photo by Patrick Smith/Getty Images

Who are the top-20 most important players on the 2022 Los Angeles Rams? That’s the question I’ve been trying to answer over the last two weeks (check out every post so far right here) and I’ve unveiled the first seven names on my list so far. Eight when you include Robert Rochell, who was the “first man out” of the top-20.

These are the first seven names on my list, which I know will be different than your list, and I’ll get to that part next.

20. QB John Wolford

19. CB Troy Hill

18. C Brian Allen

17. ILB Ernest Jones

16. WR Van Jefferson

15. S Jordan Fuller

14. LG David Edwards

Here we are now, essentially one-third of the way through the top-20, leading to the top-five to come in a couple of weeks. Keep checking back here at Turf Show Times for daily updates, as well as some bonus top-20 lists, like the top-20 players on L.A.s’ three NFC West counterparts and the players who didn’t make the list who we hope will make the list in 2023.

But in each article, I’ve also added a poll because I want to see how the collective list of the Turf Show Times community will differ from my own and what’s really obvious so far is that you think I’m really low on Brian Allen.

Here is how I would re-sort the list based on YOUR votes so far:

20. CB Troy Hill

19. K Matt Gay

18. WR Van Jefferson

17. S Jordan Fuller

16. ILB Ernest Jones

15. LG David Edwards

14. C Brian Allen

It’s not a perfect science (Allen actually lost an early poll vote before storming back in the last three posts) but this is roughly where I think Rams fans are at with their top-20 so far.

Which list stands out to you? Which order in the ranking do you take most issue with as we head into our top-13?

I went into a lengthy discussion about the thought process behind the first seven or eight names on the list in a new podcast for Turf Show Times. The biggest takeaways for me:

  • Why I don’t think any kicker should be a top-20 “most important” player on any good roster, especially given how it is the only position where it seems like a team can pick a guy up midseason and have him make the Pro Bowl
  • The rise of Brian Allen based on your votes
  • Position value problems for safeties in the modern NFL
  • Why the Rams lack of depth at receiver is a real issue and bolsters Jefferson’s position on the list despite underwhelming results over two seasons

Next on the list:

#13 - RB Cam Akers