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Matthew Stafford slander still an issue for Rams’ QB1

Stafford still has critics despite Super Bowl title

NFL: Los Angeles Rams Minicamp Gary A. Vasquez-USA TODAY Sports

For critics of Los Angeles Rams quarterback Matthew Stafford, it seemed all the guy had to was win a Super Bowl title and his career path would be magically altered. Following an epic first season in LA, Stafford won the ring that he was never going to receive in Detroit.

That should’ve been it, right? All his haters calling him “Stat Padford” and other clever names were going back to their mom’s basement or the rock where they came out from under, right?!

You would think but like everything in life, you can never please anyone no matter how hard you try. As successful as the Rams star was last season, Matthew continues to be the target of criticism...and some rather odd comparisons.

***READERS BEWARE, this next section is marked NSFW (Not Safe for Winners)***

My apologies, I forgot to warn you about the delusional Cowboys fans. Please don’t hurt me.

The last one doesn’t qualify as slander but it’s just more depressing than anything. Pro Bowl votes are reserved for the biggest names typically on the most successful teams. Stafford played for the Lions so any contributions he made would generally be overlooked compared to quarterbacks on better squads. Also, why don’t we compare the number of Nickelodeon Valuable Player awards Trubisky has that Matt doesn’t while we’re at it?

I’m not even going to get into the Dak Prescott or Kirk Cousins comparisons because they’re just stupid. For one, Dak is just the Texas-sized version of Cousins and no one in their right mind can argue otherwise. This is simply internet trolling at its finest and Cowboys fans clearly haven’t had anything better to do since 1996.

As for that tweet stating that the Lions proved you can’t build a winner around Matthew Stafford, I would point out that their argument leaves quite a bit out. For these doofi, it’s worth repeating that Stafford never had a consistent run game, stellar defensive play (aside from 2014) or reliable weapons (not counting Calvin Johnson) with the Lions. It’s also difficult to build a winner when the general manager is drafting busts but I forgot Stafford had total control over that too.

All these tweets and arguments are irrelevant. Focus on the good that Matthew achieved last year instead:

LA’s QB1 made the deep passing offense a strength after being a weakness with Jared Goff. Life is easier with a signal caller who doesn’t play timid (shocking I know). Through three games in 2021, it was already clear how much stronger the Rams offense was with Stafford at the helm.

That last tweet is exactly right, a great quarterback will often bring out the best in a good pass catcher. Stafford has made a career of boosting the potential of the wide receivers he plays with. Marvin Jones and even OBJ (once the stench from his Browns days washed away) should be added to this list.

Just to be clear, Cooper Kupp was always talented that is without question. However, Kupp went from catching three scores with Goff the year prior to becoming a triple crown winner a season later with Matthew. Coop needed top-notch QB play to make him one of the league’s most special weapons.

Quarterback will always be the most scrutinized position in all of sports. Even Super Bowl champs like Stafford will feel the heat from time to time. Heck, Tom Brady gets hated on all the time and for the life of me I can’t understand why. (Hopefully someone picked up on the sarcasm there.)

As much as Matt is our “special boy” and should be protected like the national treasure he is, let the critics and the haters have their fun. He won a ring so Rams faithful shouldn’t care what the naysayers have to say anymore. If Stafford continues winning big in Los Angeles, he’ll have nothing left to prove which will leave his detractors empty-handed.

Let this serve as a warning to any LA fan ready to lock horns with an ignoramus:

Thank goodness that’s over. Maybe now I can finally get my blood pressure back under control.