Turf Show Times fantasy football league

Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

Kenneth: Hey y'all, sorry I overlooked this call for Turf Show Times readers to join a fantasy football league in our Fanposts section, but I'd love to see it! If you want to join a Fantasy Football league with your fellow TST community members, use the comments section to organize it. I would suggest creating a league and then posting a link for fans to access it. Now that final rosters are set and the preseason is over, it could be the best time to start a league...however, I also haven't played FFB in many years, so maybe I'm wrong and all of you are already overloaded with leagues.

Hi guys,

Most of us don't know each other in person, so a money league would be hard. But is anyone interested in doing a free fantasy league for TST pride? We could do it on the ESPN fantasy app. I prefer a salary cap (auction) format, but would do a snake draft if that's what is wanted. I would like 12 or 14 teams, but 10 is okay. Post in comments if you are interested. Thanks