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Move over Cowboys: LA Rams are now “America’s Team”

Defending champs crowned “America’s Team” by notable sports personality

NFL: Los Angeles Rams Minicamp Gary A. Vasquez-USA TODAY Sports

The talking heads are at it again when discussing the Los Angeles Rams. One in particular has the highest of praise for the defending champions and gave them a new identity while he was at it.

I’ve mentioned Colin Cowherd earlier this offseason when he pondered whether LA will become the NFL’s latest dynasty. It’s easy to roll my eyes at Cowherd because a large percentage of the things hurdling out his mouth are utter nonsense. While I didn’t strive to dedicate a post centered around the ramblings of another Fox Sports analyst off his rocker, we should at least hear him out. Especially after he had crowned the Rams as “America’s Team”.

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“[The Rams] are the franchise that never delivers bad news. The NFL is moving the combine to L.A. NFL Network is building headquarters here. They built the stadium in America to watch football here. And now Aaron Donald’s staying. They’re paying their quarterback, Aaron Donald, Jalen Ramsey, Bobby Wagner, Allen Robinson II, and they’re probably going to sign Odell Beckham Jr. Dominance always starts upstairs.

They’ve been to two Super Bowls in three years. And the mom-and-pop businesses, like the Dallas Cowboys, have no new ideas. The Rams lose a coordinator every year. They just faced a former coach — Zac Taylor — in the Super Bowl last year. Sean McVay literally changed the preseason: No more playing starters. It’s like it’s been forgotten they played in St. Louis. To be America’s Team, don’t you have to win a lot when America’s watching in the playoffs? The Cowboys, Steelers, and Packers don’t.

I’m declaring the Rams the new America’s Team. They’re the most rated, duplicated, copied franchise.” per FOX Sports

Either this title is going to stick or Cowherd just cursed the Rams for years to come. Anyone curious to hear his full comments can watch below:

Clearly a statement like this is going to attract attention across NFL fanbases. Some are celebrating the new title and wearing it as a badge of honor while others are unsure the Rams are deserving even after winning Super Bowl LVI. Still, the social media reaction makes it all the more worthwhile.

DISCLAIMER: Incoming butthurt Cowboys fans [Viewer Discretion is Advised]

Looks like the Rams are going to be a “counterfeit” then. I think they’ll be okay in knowing they have a Lombardi that isn’t collecting dust in their trophy case. Cowboys fans are just depressed over losing the only title of significance to them in the last quarter-century. May that VHS containing Emmitt Smith highlights bring them happiness during this difficult time.

I will acknowledge that this new title is completely irrelevant. Labeling a team as “America’s Team” after winning one title is nonsense. This is almost as pointless as calling a team a potential dynasty after winning a Super Bowl. Some sports personalities love making up whatever they want to get their viewers all riled up.

I’m not trying to diminish the Rams’ title or all they’ve accomplished this offseason. LA has earned their rightful perch atop the NFL through moves of reckless aggression. However, does this team really need another target on their backs by being “America’s Team”? Yeah, I didn’t think so.

Who really cares if the Rams are “America’s Team” anyway? Titles like that only mean so much if the team can’t follow through with success. I’d say let the Cowboys keep their pathetic title because as of this moment, the Rams are the “NFL’s Team” and will stay that way until someone is brave enough to supplant them.