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How will Rams team offensive rankings change in 2022?

Allen Robinson and Cam Akers should lift offense even higher than LA’s 2021 levels

NFL: Los Angeles Rams OTA Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

While statistics are not the end-all, be-all, they are an indicator of a team’s success or lack thereof. Here is a look at the Los Angeles Rams offensive rankings in 2021, and whether they will improve, stay neutral, or regress downward moving into 2022.

Yards/Game: 372.1 (9th)

  • In 2021, the top 11 offenses in terms of yards/game made the playoffs. I fully expect the Rams to remain a top tier offense in the league with potential to improve with the addition of Allen Robinson and a healthy Cam Akers. I’ll pump the brakes on LA finding their way to the top 5, but I foresee a small jump to claim a spot somewhere between No. 6 - No. 8 in the league in yards.
  • Prediction: IMPROVE (6th)

Pass Yards/Game: 273.1 (5th)

  • This is the hardest category to predict. And the answer might be two-fold. As mentioned, Allen Robinson’s presence provides confidence that the Rams passing offense can climb with the diversity and wrinkles compared to last year. I’d be willing to take that bet. But, teams that threw for less yards in 2021 include: CIN, ARI, GB, and BUF. Those teams are fully capable of slinging it more in 2022. And with a target on their backs in 2022, defensive coordinators will be focusing on scheming the Super Bowl Champions.
  • Prediction: NEUTRAL (6th)

Rush Yards/Game: 99.0 (25th)

  • With a healthy Cam Akers, it seems obvious that Los Angeles will be more effective in running the football. Though L.A. ran into some issues in the postseason against ARI, TB, SF, and CIN - McVay will have the offseason to retool his counter-strategy to improve the run game with Akers at the helm. It will not be a drastic jump, but McVay’s run game should find an extra gear.
  • Prediction: IMPROVE (20th)

Pts/Game: 27.1 (T-8th)

  • LA averaged almost 4 TDs last year. A strong offense coupled with the consistency of Matt Gay kept the Rams in the Top 10 of the league in points. The test will be the league’s toughest schedule in 2022. In the end, the team will hover around the same mark, give or take a point.
  • Prediction: NEUTRAL (8th)

Turnovers/Game: 1.36 (20th)

  • If there was a concerning issue in 2021, it was Stafford’s tendency to throw interceptions in bunches. With how often McVay dials up the pass, I think the interceptions will still be there. McVay loves that Stafford is fearless in his response to a mistake. Expect the turnovers/game to remain around the same mark as 2021, with maybe an interception or two less.
  • Prediction: NEUTRAL (19th)

Sacks Allowed: 31 (T-8th)

  • With future Hall of Famer, Andrew Whitworth retired and Austin Corbett having departed to Carolina, the offensive line will need time to settle into its consistency. Noteboom projects to be the left tackle, while competition for the right guard spot will be taking place in training camp. Teams will likely try to copy schemes that TEN, BAL, and SF used to stifle LA’s passing game. With less experience overall, it may result in more pass blocking breakdowns.
  • Prediction: REGRESS DOWNWARD (14th)

Coming next: A look at the Rams Team Defensive Statistics heading into 2022.