Drafting To Run It Back And Beyond: How The Rams 8 Picks Can Get Them Back To The Super Bowl


The Los Angeles Rams entered the draft in the luxurious position (while drafting from a luxurious house) of not needing to WIN NOW and instead used their eight picks (that seemingly fell from the sky)to find ways to run it back. The way Les Snead has been drafting the last few years has allowed the Rams’ cupboards to remain stocked enough to where there weren’t any GLARING needs. Yes, players have left, and teams always have needs but this isn’t a situation where the Rams were drafting as if their current run is ending. They came away with eight rookies and a veteran that are all capable of working into the rotation to varying degrees and allow them to reinforce their chances to Run it Back. Despite all the jokes, the Rams didn’t trade down from the 104th pick and instead took Logan Bruss out of Wisconsin. Drafting a lineman from Wisconsin is something the Rams like to do and they found a guy that can both start today (replacing Austin Corbett) and who can take over when they most likely lose fellow Badger David Edwards in 2023. Watch any NFL Game live online for free and in HD. We offer multiple streams for each NFL Streams live event available on our website.