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Getting to know the LA Rams 2022 undrafted free agents

Les Snead and Sean McVay reportedly sign 16 undrafted rookies.

NCAA Football: Iowa State at West Virginia Ben Queen-USA TODAY Sports

After the requisite Les Snead draft day moves, the Loa Angeles Rams finished the 2022 NFL Draft with eight shiny, new prospects and welcomed cornerback Troy Hill back into the fold with a trade.

When the nine draftees sign their deals, that will bring the contacted roster up to 75 players. Since the Rams get a roster extension for signing international player Max Pircher, they need 16 more players to fill out the preseason trying limit.

LA has now filled those openings So far, these signings are just reports, the Rams have not made any official announcements.

Kicker Cameron Dicker - Texas

Four year starter as place kicker. According to Sports Reference, he converted 75.9% of field goals and missed only four PAT’s. Booted 68% of kickoffs through the end zone with four sailing out of bounds. Ability to kick it deep or directionally.

An injury forced him into the punter role as a junior, he did double duty as punter/placekicker as a senior. Over 55 punts he averaged 46.3 yards per kick with 11 inside the twenty yard line and 16 traveling over 50 yards. Strong leg with good hang time

Safety Jairon McVea - Baylor 5’ 9” 182 lbs.

Good speed at 4.45. Adequate in movement with 4.32 shuttle and 7.36 3cone, but good explosion and strength with 19 bench reps, 36” vertical and 10’ 1” broad.

Role player in the secondary with only seven starts in the last two years, but has deep special teams experience. In zone coverage he follows quarterbacks eyes, reads routes and breaks on ball. Willing and physical in run support. Lacks size, length and play time.

Safety Daniel Isom - Washington State 5’ 10” 191 lbs.

Only participated in bench press at Pro Day, 12 reps. Finished second in 110 and 300 meter high hurdles at Missouri state high school finals. Originally signed to Northern Illinois and redshirted as a sophomore and then transferred to junior college for a season.

Signed at Washington State in 2019 and had seven starts at cornerback and safety before being kicked off team for undisclosed reasons. New coach re-instated him in 2020 and he became a team captain 2021. Brings versatility to play all secondary positions, good on blitzes, and ball skills.

Edge Brayden Thomas - North Dakota State 6’ 3” 258 lbs.

Power rusher who plays in both standing and down stance. Had 25 reps at the bench. Good explosion with 32” vertical and 9’ 3” broad. Adequate speed, 4.92 forty. to help on special teams. good shuttle at 4.40, but had a stellar 6.90 3cone.

Uses big, strong hands/punch and linear burst to turn speed to power and win. Doesn’t have speed and bend around corner, which may limit him. He’s willing and physical enough to mix it up inside, but needs to play with lower pads/ leverage in NFL.

2022 NCAA Division I Football Championship Photo by Justin Tafoya/NCAA Photos via Getty Images

Off ball linebacker Jake Hummel - Iowa State 6’ 2” 225 lbs.

Strong, athletic, and smart. Four-time First Team All-Academic Big 12 honoree. Ran 4.51 in the forty, a stellar 6.83 3cone, and a 4.30 shuttle. In explosion drills, he leapt 10’ 6” in the broad jump and 37” in the vertical. He topped it off with 21 reps on the bench.

Thumping, physical style of play, best playing downhill versus the run but has the movement skills to be a three down player, His backpedal slows him from getting good depth in coverage and he’s needs to work on reacting to receivers when the cross his position.

Cornerback Caesar Williams - Wisconsin 6’ 190 lbs.

Good sized corner who suited to play in zone coverage. Lacks the long speed to turn and run with NFL speed, timed 4.57 and 4.67 at Pro Day. But has short area quickness and agility, 7.00 3cone and 4.26 shuttle. Average explosion with 32 1/2” vertical and 9’ 8” broad.

Tracks passes well and has the burst to break on ball, timing and competitiveness to disrupt the receiver. Plays physical versus the run, might be a candidate to move to safety and add value on special teams.

Cornerback Duron Lowe - Liberty 5’ 10” 186 lbs.

Transfer from UT El Paso. Stellar speed and athletic traits. Both stellar long speed, 4.41 forty, and adequate in short area, 7.31 3cone and 4.31 shuttle. Explosive hopper with a 35” vertical and 10’ 1” broad.

College coach says he’s got great football IQ. Willing and aggressive in run support. Sticky in man coverage, but lacks size and length. He adds value as kickoff returner, good vision and ability to cut at speed.

COLLEGE FOOTBALL: NOV 20 Louisiana at Liberty Photo by Lee Coleman/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images

Edge Keir Thomas - Florida State 6’ 1” 255 lbs.

Multi-year starter in Power Five conferences, played five years at South Carolina before transferring. Pro Day testing was only adequate. 4.97 forty, 19 reps on bench, 30 1/2” vertical and 9’ broad.

More of a 4-3 prospect, but adds versatility by playing up and down the line. On film, he shows good burst off snap and good few step quickness. Wins by keeping eyes on ball, relentless hustle, and strong tackling. Has good recognition and awareness.

Guard Jack Snyder - San Jose State 6’ 5” 309 lbs.

52 starts in college at left and right tackle. Relatively short arms, 31 1/4”, and wingspan, 78 1/2”, may mean move to guard, or even center. Good movement skills, 5.15 forty, 7.70 3cone, and 4.58 shuttle. Had solid 25 reps on the bench, 27 1/2” vertical and 9’ 1” broad.

Plays with good leverage and technique in both run and pass sets. Good get-off and first step help in stretching run quick set up vs. pass rush. Lateral move skills and smoothly getting to second level are fit for outside zone. Awareness is good on stunts and blitzes. Was on many draft experts sleeper lists.

Cornerback TJ Carter - TCU 5’ 9” 189 lbs.

Graduate transfer who originally signed at Memphis. Good speed and agility with a 4.57 forty, 7.21 3cone and 4.15 shuttle. Good 37” vertical and adequate 9’ 5” broad. Adds versatility as cornerback, and deep safety, either weak, strong or single.

Aggressive, alpha dog mentality. Sticky in converage and shows good awareness in zone. Can recognize routes and then read and react. Lacks prototypical size and length for a thumping safety and like to gamble at corner.has good ball skills, but lacks the long speed to make up ground.

Tight end Roger Carter - Georgia Southern 6’ 2” 256 lbs.

Four year starter, has many academic honors to go with football accolades. At 4.84 for the forty, he lacks long speed, but showed good agility and short area quickness with a 7.20 3cone and 4.34 shuttle. Good lower body power with 37” vertical and 9’ 10” broad.

One of the few players that was reported to have met with the Rams in pre-draft process. Has very good hands and good length, catches away fro his body and runs with power. Limited route tree in college run based offense, but has good blocking skills.

Defensive tackle Elijah Garcia - Rice 6’ 5” 290 lbs.

Prospect with versatility to play up all line positions. Good solidly built frame, with room for for more good weight. Tremendous 35” arm length and 82 1/2” wingspan with power, 25 reps on bench. Solid speed and agility, 5.01 forty, 7.40 3cone, and 4.55 shuttle. Good hops with 30” vertical and 9’ 6” broad.

Wins by making use of his strong length, nimble feet, and leverage. Clamps on and does not miss tackles. Shows hustle and no quit attitude in pursuit. Needs technique work and alittle more lower body strength /mass.

COLLEGE FOOTBALL: SEP 14 Texas v Rice Photo by John Rivera/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images

Edge Andrzej Hughes-Murray - Oregon State 6’ 2” 244 lbs.

High school state wrestling champion. Shows upper strength/explosion with 25 reps on the bench, as well as lower, 35 1/2” vertical and 10’ broad jump. Only adequate with a 4.80 forty, but good agility, 4.38 shuttle and short area quickness, 7.15 3cone.

He looks the part and plays hard, but just doesn’t make a lot of plays. Decent length, athleticism, and hustle might get a look on special teams.

Edge Benton Whitley - Holy Cross 6’ 3” 257 lbs.

Powerfully built, dominant FCS player with great arm length at 34 1/2” and an 80 1/2” wingspan. Had an adequate 4.80 forty, a good 7.19 3cone and 4.41 shuttle. He pushed a solid 24 reps on the bench. His hustling, hot motor style and functional athleticism will help on special teams.

High school state champion wrestler shows good low leverage and contact balance. Not a speed rusher but has good get-off, hand use, and enough bend to get around corners. His outside burst sets up his inside moves.Needs pro technique work to compete in NFL. Relentless pursuer.

Tight end Jamal Pettigrew - McNeese State 6’6” 244 lbs.

Graduate transfer from LSU. Stellar 34” arms and 80” wingspan with just adequate athleticism. He ran a 4.84 forty, 7.31 3cone, 4.55 shuttle and added a 36” vertical, 9’ 9” broad and 20 reps at the bench.

Limited route tree at McNeese, but blocked in outside zone scheme. Shows soft hands and good downfield running ability when he has a chance to stretch out those long legs. Certainly a mismatch on all but the longest safeties and cornerbacks. Needs some lower body strength work.

Defensive tackle Dion Novil - North Texas 6’ 1” 300 lbs.

Nose tackle with good length for his height, 32 1/2” arms and 79” wingspan. Has adequate speed with 5.18 forty, good explosion on 29 1/2” vertical and 8’ 8” broad. Kind of heavy-footed on 5.00 shuttle and 7.97 3cone. Stellar 27 reps on bench press.

More of a gap plugger than mover, probably needs some mass for that role. Plays with strength and leverage and is more agile on tape than he tested. He has good get-off and pursues wit a hot motor. He could see some snaps with some hand technique improvement.

The Rams are ready to go

That’s it, a full 90 man roster. All steadying for the grind of training camp, and for most of them, the battle for a spot on the bottom half of the roster. These roster battles are important. Between the extended season, a rash of injuries and COVID19, last year saw a lot of players who are normally backups and reserves getting important snaps and doing, overall, a good job.

Don’t forget to follow the Turf Show Times draft tracker.