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Los Angeles Rams Roster Overview: CB, Decobie Durant

When will the “new” Double-D contribute to the Rams roster...?

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One week closer to the NFL Regular Season. But still a long ways away. At least we had the NFL Schedule released. But on top of that, here’s another feature from our draft class. If you missed last week’s piece on Logan Bruss, check it out here.

Next up on the Los Angeles Rams Roster Overview is Pick 142 from the 2022 NFL Draft - Decobie Durant.


5’10” / 180 lbs / CB / South Carolina State

Arms: 30 ¾”

Hands: 8 ¾”

40 yard Dash: 4.38

Bench Press: —

Vertical Jump: —

Broad Jump: —

3 Cone Drill: —

20 yard Shuttle: —

College Evaluation:

Right out of the gate, ‘Cobie Durant stands out with his fast twitch ability. He can put his foot in the ground and come downhill with the best of the best. He has very smooth/oily hips when coming out of his back pedal. He’s the kind of defensive back that wants to get a hand on the football every pass thrown in his direction.

His weakness based on the tape is that he can get boxed out by bigger receivers. He still competes with his physicality even when out of position, but savvy NFL wide receivers could leverage position against him.

Last note: Deion Sanders gave this dude a shout out. Which we have heard similar remarks about past players (Brett Favre made one regarding Clay Johnston). Sanders comments stand out more though because there was no family connection and Durant went head to head against Sanders’s team.

Fit with Los Angeles:

Snead and McVay evaluated that they wanted their secondary to have reinforcements. Decobie was the first defensive player taken by Los Angeles in an attempt to bolster the secondary’s current depth but with the thought of having a running mate with Ramsey in 2023. His ability to break on the football fits a L.A. Rams team using a lot of zone schemes. He has the versatility element that the Rams covet - an outside corner that can kick inside to play the slot. With his smaller stature and twitchiness, L.A. has a future piece that can go toe-to-toe with the fast twitch slot wide receivers of the NFL.

2022 Season Expectation & Prediction:

Ahead of Durant on the depth chart, without question, are Jalen Ramsey and Troy Hill. Then conventional wisdom would say that David Long Jr and Robert Rochell will have the first crack at being the third starting CB; with the other being CB4. I won’t count out an opportunity in which Durant leapfrogs the two if they struggle in camp and Durant shines. But also in the mix at cornerback is Derion Kendrick, another rookie - who heralds from the University of Georgia and I see him competing for the 5th cornerback spot.

I would temper expectations for Decobie Durant this year. His playing time likely opens up in 2023 with Troy Hill, David Long Jr, Taylor Rapp, Nick Scott all likely exiting the DB room. His 2022 play time will likely be <15% of defensive snaps.

Role: 53-Man Roster, Developmental Year/Reserve, #6 CB

That’s all for this week. Come back next as we cover Kyren Williams, Los Angeles’s 5th rounder from the 2022 Draft. Be sure to follow TurfShowTimes on Facebook and Twitter to get the latest articles and content on your Super Bowl Champions, the Los Angeles Rams! Whose House?!? Rams House!!