Andrzej Hughes Murray UDFA profile

Warrior Code

Andrzej is a Polish name that means "warrior". Hughes Murray says his name is pronounced "ON-jay". Andrew is the related English name. Andrzej Hughes Murray (I'm just going to call him AHM for short) is an OLB from Oregon State. His 2 best traits are his leadership skills and his high effort level on the field. The rest of his game isn't overly impressive. I wonder if he's going to stay at edge rusher in the NFL. Maybe he could be a candidate to slide inside and try as a 3-4 ILB.

At the end of last season, AHM and Oregon State played in the Jimmy Kimmel LA Bowl. No, seriously, that's the name of the bowl game. It was at Sofi stadium and they put Kimmel's face on the goalposts. Somebody stop the world, I want to get off before we have to celebrate the Rams and AHM winning the 2030 James Corden Super Bowl, a virtual event consisting of 3 hours of advertisements and musical numbers, with 15 minutes of football in the middle as the "halftime" show.


Pro day: 6'2'' tall, 244 pounds, 31 3/4'' arms, 8 3/4'' hands, 78'' wingspan

4.80 sec (40 time), 1.69 sec (10 yard split), 35.5'' vert, 10' broad, 4.38 sec (shuttle), 7.15 sec (3 cone), 25 bench reps

3 star recruit. Was a wrestler in HS. A RB and a MLB in HS.

24 years old. Degree in psychology, was a good student, Campbell Award nominee.

Three time captain (2019, 2020 and 2021), which is impressive, because Oregon State only had 4 captains in each of those seasons. Was a 6th year senior in 2021.

Was supposed to redshirt as a frosh in 2016, but was pressed into action due to injuries to other players.

Hamstring injury in fall camp in 2016, missed the first 5 games of that year. Had foot injury in camp in 2019 and missed the entire season, redshirted.

2021 (13 games): 56 tackles, 8.5 TFLs, 6 sacks, FF

Career 11 sacks, 22 TFLs, one FF.

Good teammate, high character, very comfortable doing interviews, good attitude and perspective, doesn't take opportunity to play football for granted.


Range to make plays outside of his assigned area. Not lazy, on a 3rd down play he ran all the way from the opposite hash, 4 yards behind the WR, sprinting to try to stop the first down, even though there were already other defenders in that area. At one point during that play, there were 3 other defenders even with him and those guys were just jogging, while AHM goes flying past them

Plays hard, gives full effort. Emotional leader who leaves it all out on the field. Stepped in to stop scuffle between other players after whistle. Plays like he thinks every game is the Super Bowl or like a high school player in the final home game of his career.

Has some ability to convert speed to power and drive through offensive linemen. Aggressive on stunts to occupy the block and help free up the other pass rusher.

Sliced into backfield on short yardage run.

Comfortable dropping into space, athletic mover. Able to cover in flat and in hook curl area of zone. Can fake like he's pass rushing, then change directions and gain good depth on zone blitz type looks.

Has some different pass rush moves. Spin move, nice rip move to get by OT, arm over, club move, swipe move, can bull rush. Threatened outside edge of RT, used inside hand to violently shove RT to side, then sacks QB. Has countermoves when his initial pass rush gets stopped. Swim move got stopped, so he immediately spun back the other way. Heavy hands. Nice shed on RB after he got past TE to pressure QB.

Good football character, intelligence and leadership skills. Team oriented personality, will hold himself accountable to the rest of the team. Adds intangible aspects that can help team morale and improve player bonding.


His effort level is better than his athletic traits or technique. Makes plays through sheer and motor.

Not explosive in his lower body. Lacks speed burst to chase down runners in open space.

Undersized and underpowered to set hard edges. Shoved to ground and buried by OT at POA. Destroyed by the OT at the POA, driven off of the LOS, opening up a huge hole for the RB. Not able to beat a solo TE block. Washed down LOS, unable to drop anchor or counter at POA to constrict the run lane. Double team block by TE and LT drives him sideways down LOS, opening up gap for RB. Tried to slant inside TE and gets caught out, opening up hole for RB. Unable to disengage from 1st TE quickly, so when the move TE comes across the formation he was a sitting duck and gets knocked back at the POA. Buried into the turf by a double team. At times a liability on run defense.

Not a dangerous pass rusher. Doesn't bend the edge well. Spin move is telegraphed and not sudden. Doesn't win at the apex frequently enough. When he has the corner, doesn't have the flexibility to reorient his hips so that he can direct himself towards the QB, which results in the OT pushing him past the back of the pocket, down to the ground or recovering and stopping the rush.

Lacks desired length. Lacks thickness in build. Struggles to disengage from blocks. Missed tackle on RB in backfield.

Takes the bait, can be faked out of position easily. Sells out at the first thing he sees and ends up going the wrong way against play action and misdirection. 4th quarter of close game, he sees the guard pull, assumes that the RB will follow the pullers and chases after the pullers, but instead the RB runs through his gap in the other direction and gains 50 yards. Charges after the WR on a fake jet sweep when the QB still had the ball. Dives under pull blockers instead of stacking them, taking himself out of position and opening up gaping holes at the LOS. Didn't read screen developing behind him on 3rd down play. Literally running the wrong direction as all his other teammates flow the other way to pursue WR on end around, then he collides with his own teammates getting in their way. Thought RB had the ball and didn't go to get QB even with a clear path, surprised when QB passed the ball. Lost edge containment against read option

Has some body control issues and will lose his balance and fall down too much. Faceplanted trying to tackle in space.

Looked like he was nicked up with injuries at times last year. Had injuries in prior seasons. Wore a brace on his arm most of season that he wasn't wearing to begin the year.

2 years older than normal prospect.

Low ceiling. I don't see him ever becoming a starting NFL edge rusher. He profiles as a core special teams player and a backup.

Rams Outlook

Something that helps AHM is Hardy and Whitley are project players who I'm not sure are ready to play in 2022. If other players need to be redshirted, the Rams still need depth at edge rusher and maybe AHM would be suitable for that role.

AHM has the right blend of intelligence, athleticism and love for the game that fits the profile of the type of player who wins over coaches and sticks around on NFL rosters. In order to have long term staying power, I think he needs to avoid the injury bug that got him at times in college, he needs to improve his run defense and he needs to sharpen his play recognition.

If you ranked all the UDFAs in terms of how the experts saw them, AHM would probably be one of the lowest ranked players the Rams signed this year. While the expectation bar is set super low for him, I believe he has a chance to surprise people and maybe grab at least a PS spot. He has a unique name, but it is fitting, because he plays with a warrior's mentality on the field and it has helped get his foot in the door in the NFL.