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LA Rams’ Bobby Wagner on playing Seattle Seahawks: “I’ll make sure they see me”

Bobby Wagner discusses what it takes to repeat and his excitement on playing his former team

Chicago Bears v Seattle Seahawks Photo by Abbie Parr/Getty Images

The Los Angeles Rams have been victims of coaches and players leaving Southern California to head to the Pacific Northwest on several occasions, but this time found a way to reverse the trend in a major way. Bobby Wagner put pen to paper on Monday, officially signing his five-year, $50 million dollar contract to join the reigning Super Bowl champions. In his first press conference as a member of the Rams, Wagner discussed representing himself during free agency and his thoughts on playing his form team.

Wagner excited to get creative with Rams defense

“I like the creativity, obviously like the pass rush. There’s just so much talent from top to bottom, I thought it would be a good place to be.”

Something tells me the creativity is about to go up another notch. Defensive coordinator Raheem Morris has found ways to get the best out of his players in LA down the stretch of the 2021 season. This is going to be a fun unit to watch.

Aaron Donald and Jalen Ramsey can recruit with the best of them

“When the Seahawks released me, I had Aaron Donald hit me up and then Jalen Ramsay hit me up so they were just kind of in communications pretty quick.”

The All-Pro welcome wagon wins again.

Wagner on representing himself

“The player kind of took it personally, but the agent just went to work. I just started calling teams and reaching out to teams because I think a lot of teams didn’t know that I represented myself.”

It’s an interesting dynamic as the former Utah State baller discussed the process of reaching out to teams himself. Also note the player took it personally. The Seahawks are going to pay dearly.

Wagner on what it will take to repeat

“Yeah I definitely see those qualities. I think you know what it takes to pull it off is just staying humble. I think sometimes when you win a championship, you forget that it was a grind to get that championship, so the faster you get to the grind, the faster you get back to work. I think that’s the biggest thing.”

If the rest of the team follows Cooper Kupp’s lead, who apparently lives at the facility, Los Angeles is on the right path. Wagner added that LA will need to be prepared for every team’s best shot.

Wagner on playing the Seahawks

“Playing the Seahawks twice a year was a cherry on top. I’ll make sure they see me every time we play them. They’ll know where I’m at and I’ll make sure I’ll tell them. It won’t be a quiet game for me.”

Well tell me how you really feel! Pete Carroll is going to get whatever non Russell Wilson quarterback he trots out to play the Rams destroyed.