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McVay on Rams addition of Bobby Wagner: “We’re playing Madden over here!”

Sean McVay discusses Bobby Wagner will help Rams in multiple ways

NFL: Los Angeles Rams at Seattle Seahawks Joe Nicholson-USA TODAY Sports

Sean McVay and the Los Angeles Rams are not sitting back and basking in the glory of winning the Super Bowl. They are continuing to find ways to reload the roster with difference makers; Troy Reeder exits and Bobby Wagner enters. McVay discussed how Wagner’s body of work and leadership will be instrumental for the 2022 Rams.

McVay has the utmost respect for Wagner

“There’s a couple guys in this league that you get a chance to go to after games because you respect their body of work and the way they approach it, not only physically but also mentally. Bobby’s always been one of those guys. Just a lot of respect for everything he’s been asked to do in that system... I also think the leadership was a real big part of it. We’re losing some big time locker room leaders.”

I don’t think there’s an offensive coach in the league that doesn’t respect what Wagner does on the field, especially ones that have coached against him. His leadership will also be needed, as the Rams lost organization pillars like Andrew Whitworth and Robert Woods, and defensive spark plugs such as Eric Weddle and Von Miller.

Ernest Jones was drafted in part because he reminded Rams of Wagner

“I also think it’s huge for Ernest Jones. A lot of the reasons why we drafted Ernest Jones when we did is because he had some traits and characteristics that remind us of Bobby, so to be able to pair those two together is something we’re really excited about.”

They’re similar in build, play style, and mental makeup. I can’t wait to see them on the field together. The combination of the two will add a level of physicality which should make an immediate impact against opposing rushing attacks.

McVay felt Wagner’s impact on film against San Francisco 49ers

“His versatility and his familiarity with our division, you mention the ‘9ers. I always felt him when you’re watching ‘9ers film and you see the presence that he’s made. That’s been consistent going against him and he’s going to be an impact player for us and he’s going to help us in so many ways.”

That was one of the biggest reasons I was excited about the signing. I’m expecting Wagner’s knowledge, physicality, and success against the 49ers’ to pay major dividends, possibly even helping the Rams start a win streak against San Francisco.

McVay on having potential Hall of Famers on each level of the defense

“We’re playing Madden over here. No, it’s great. I think one of the fun things for me is being around these greats, like I mentioned, you learned from them and they make you a better coach... It’s a real credit to the atmosphere that’s been created from our players, why Bobby wanted to be here.”

Not only is LA playing Madden, they’ve turned the salary cap off. All jokes aside, this defense has the chance to be truly special. Unlike Odell Beckham and Von Miller, Wagner will get an entire offseason with the Rams and won’t need to figure things out on the fly.