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Aaron Donald claims to weigh 260 lbs

That would make him smaller than Nick Foles and Rob Gronkowski

Los Angeles Rams Aaron Donald Set Number: X163976 TK1

I’ve heard of Tutu Atwell... but is Aaron Donald’s nickname “Tutu Squatwell”???? Because apparently Tutu isn’t the only player on the Rams’ roster who weighs way less than you would expect of an NFL player at his position.

Though Atwell barely pushing 150 lbs is hard to fathom at this level, so too is the idea that the NFL’s best interior defensive lineman might weigh less than players such as Nick Foles, Rob Gronkowski, and Rams’ teammate Terrell Lewis. All of those players were listed as being at least 262 lbs in 2021.

Aaron Donald was officially listed at 280 lbs and his combine weight in 2014 was at 285 lbs. Either of those marks already puts Donald in the running as the lightest defensive tackle in professional football. Former 49ers, Raiders defensive end Solomon Thomas, now a member of the Jets, plays inside and also is listed at 280 lbs.

But if Donald was telling the truth in his latest YouTube clip, then he’s about two-two... 20 lbs lighter than the second-lightest defensive tackle in the NFL.


Thanks to TST community member Mark Jaramillo for pointing out the moment in Donald’s latest YouTube clip where he seems to genuinely argue that despite people saying he’s “6’4, 300 lbs” that in fact he’s 6’1 and only 260.

It may not be that surprising, as Donald wins his one-on-ones (and three-on-ones) in a variety of ways that have nothing to do with his size. However, despite many “next Aaron Donald” defensive tackles to come through the league over the years, none of these undersized defensive lineman perform anywhere near the level of Aaron Donald.

Maybe they need to lose some weight.