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Rams fans vote cornerback, tackle, running back as L.A.’s greatest draft needs

Will Les Snead comply with the Rams’ first few picks in the draft?

Los Angeles Rams Super Bowl Championship Parade Photo by I RYU/VCG via Getty Images

Earlier this week, I posted a survey for Los Angeles Rams fans asking you who is more valuable to the team right now: Quarterback Matthew Stafford or receiver Cooper Kupp? Though Kupp got more love during the season and obviously the Super Bowl as the “MVP” of not only the team or the game, but the entire NFL, the voting wasn’t even close for fans as to who is actually more valuable...

Over 77-percent of Rams fans said that Stafford is more valuable between the two.

I ran the same question for other sets of players:

  • 51-percent voted that Stafford was more valuable than Kupp and Aaron Donald, with Donald finishing in second place at 37-percent and Kupp raking in the final 12-percent.
  • 75-percent of fans voted that Donald is more valuable than Kupp.
  • 89-percent voted that Kupp is more valuable than Jalen Ramsey.
  • 95-percent of fans voted that Stafford is more valuable than Ramsey.

Would that make the order: Stafford, Donald, Kupp, Ramsey? Could Leonard Floyd, Bobby Wagner, Allen Robinson, or potentially even Cam Akers make their way into the top-four of value this season?

Here were your other survey results this week with the draft starting next Thursday, but L.A. not picking until late on Friday.

Fans vote CB as the greatest need

Cornerback took over one-third of the votes, followed by guard and edge rusher. The fourth-biggest need: Tackle!

Read Randy’s top-38 prospects for the Rams at pick 104 right here.

OT, RB are the biggest needs that aren’t “needs”

Though the Rams have Joseph Noteboom signed for a few years, Rob Havenstein under contract, and maybe a lottery ticket in Max Pircher, tackle was seen as the greatest need that’s not an immediate 2022 need. Next was running back, followed by a tie between tight end and center.

Les Snead’s offseason passes with flying colors

Rams fans give Snead a B for his offseason, while 35-percent went with an A. Only 7-percent voted C and barely anyone went worse than that.

Fans expect at least 11 wins next season

Almost two-thirds of fans expect the Rams to go 11-6 or 12-5, while 34-percent think the Rams will go 13-4 or better. L.A. is the best team in the NFC right now. Will that hold?

Bobby Wagner was a better signing than Von Miller

Over 85-percent of Rams fans prefer the Bobby Wagner signing to the Von Miller signing.

You’re split on how you like to be amused

The amusement park question had the most fascinating response:

  • 24.7-percent for Disney World
  • 23.9-percent for Disneyland
  • 23.6-percent for Universal Studios
  • 17.4-percent for Six Flags
  • 10.5-percent for Knott’s Berry Farm

Explain your answers in the comments below! I have an annual pass to Universal Studios, so that’s why I went with them.