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Who is more valuable to the 2022 LA Rams: Matthew Stafford or Cooper Kupp?

Plus nine more Rams questions for Rams fans!

Super Bowl LVI - Los Angeles Rams v Cincinnati Bengals Photo by Kevin C. Cox/Getty Images

Though Cooper Kupp won the 2021 NFL Offensive Player of the Year award, he was practically ineligible to be named as the MVP because of the position he plays. But being a wide receiver was not detrimental enough to keep Kupp from winning the Super Bowl MVP trophy over Matthew Stafford, Aaron Donald, and every other one of his teammates.

What Kupp can do on the field as the game’s best route runner and arguably the smartest player to play the position today is still perhaps more valuable than what any other person in football who doesn’t play quarterback can do. And some would say that as good as Stafford is, that losing Kupp would be more detrimental to the LA Rams than losing their quarterback.

Or perhaps even worse than losing their first ballot Hall of Fame pass rusher.

In this week’s survey for L.A. Rams fans, I posted 10 questions about the team to get a sense of what y’all think about the relative value of Kupp, Stafford, Donald, and Jalen Ramsey. I’ve also added in questions about 2022 draft needs and which is the best amusement park to travel to these days. The survey will take you less than two minutes:


I will post the results this week. In the meantime, discuss the scenarios down below: Kupp or Stafford? Kupp or Donald? Stafford or Ramsey?

Disneyland or Disney World? Let us know in the comments!