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Rams News: What was the most surprising game of 2021?

Los Angeles Rams News and Links for 4/11/22

NFL: OCT 24 Lions at Rams Photo by Icon Sportswire

What was the most surprising game of the 2021 Los Angeles Rams season? One year ago, when all we had and all we knew were the slate of opponents and that we had a new gun slinger at quarterback, what were your projections and how did the regular season match ups play out comparatively?

Was the most surprising game the Week 4 loss to the Arizona Cardinals? Were you not at all expecting the eight game win streak vs Arizona to come to an abrupt end on that day? Because the Rams had the Cardinals number since the very first game of the McVay era, some would be surprised by this game since not a whole lot had changed for the Cardinals. On the other hand, some were not as surprised, as the Cardinals have the capability to play well especially early in the season, the Rams may have been due for a loss as they were on a three game season opening win streak.

Or was the more surprising game the Week 7 game against the Detroit Lions. Surely no one expected the Lions to jump up by 10 points or for them to be leading 19-17 to start the final quarter. If the Lions had somehow found a way to close that one out, it would have been one of the major storylines of the regular season, that Jared Goff came home and got the best of the McVay and Stafford in SoFi. Of course it didn’t happen as the Lions pulled out all the stops to shake up the game but in the end fundamental football and the Aaron Donald, Jalen Ramsey combo was never going to let the Rams lose that one. Although it was probably a closer game than many people thought.

What 2021 game was the most surprising to you?

And now for today’s links:


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