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Will Rams ever be able to make Kayvon Thibodeaux’s dream come true by trading for him?

The L.A. native has expressed wishes in the past to make it to the Rams one day

Pac 12 Championship - Oregon v USC Photo by Harry How/Getty Images

Something that Von Miller said once that stuck with me was that he wanted to play in the NFL long enough for his son—who was born last year—to be able to have memories of watching him play. Now, will Aaron Donald stick in the NFL and stay with the L.A. Rams long enough to make Kayvon Thibodeaux’s dream come true of playing alongside him become a reality?

Towards the end of the 2018 Super Bowl season, Thibodeaux—a pass rusher out of the University of Oregon who is expected to go as high as number one and guaranteed to slot inside the top-ten—retweeted a video of Aaron Donald and wrote “I want to either get drafted or traded to the rams—100 that’s a dream come true”.

Make it happen, Les.

A five-star defensive end recruit in 2019 out of Oaks Christian High School in Westlake Village, a community near Thousand Oaks in the northwest part of L.A. county, Thibodeaux was the number one pass rushing prospect in the country three years ago. He chose Oregon over Alabama, citing a better educational program with the Ducks.

“I already hate the stigmatism of football players being dumb jocks,” Thibodeaux said. “So now, do you know the stigmatism [sic] of Alabama education? It ain’t the west coast. It ain’t Harvard.”

In addition to taking shots at Alabama’s lack of a reputation for stellar classroom work, Thibodeaux noted that he wants to play for premier organizations like the Nike-backed system at Oregon. Which NFL franchises right now are considered to be better organizations than Thibodeaux’s hometown Rams?

“If I go to Alabama, I’m gonna win national championships,” Thibodeaux said. “But do I want to be a guy who’s known to be a national champion winner, or do I want to be a guy who’s known for being a part of one of the greatest organizations in the world?”

Thibodeaux posted nine sacks and 14 tackles for a loss as a true freshman, and three sacks with 9.5 TFL in a shortened 2020 Pac-12 season. He finished last season with 12 tackles for a loss and seven sacks, with some saying he was too “inconsistent” to warrant his status as the number one player in this class. However, few prospects in history offer a combination of size, athleticism, and production at the edge positions than Thibodeaux.

He won’t be a member of the Rams this year or next year, and probably not the year after that (because of players like Jalen Ramsey though, you can’t rule it out for Snead), but hey, he’s even confident enough to make the first move.

It’s been said that there “are no Rams fans.” Clearly, we’ve got at least one right here. If he slides over to L.A. again one day, he’ll surely make at least a few more people into Rams fans when he does.

Here are other times that Thibodeaux has tweeted about his hometown Rams.