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Are Rams on the way to becoming the NFL’s next dynasty?

One notable sports personality seems to think so

NFL: FEB 16 Rams Super Bowl LVI Championship Parade Photo by Jevone Moore/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images

Just about every time a team wins a Super Bowl like the Los Angeles Rams, there’s always talk about their vast potential in the years ahead. Dynasty is always thrown around annually regarding the most recent team to raise the Lombardi over their heads.

In recent years, NFL fans haven’t seen anything close to a dynasty besides the dominance arising from those heathens in the New England area. These dynastic talks have largely been empty following recent Super Bowl champions including the ‘13 Seahawks (“Don’t throw it from the one!”), ‘17 Eagles and ‘19 Chiefs (to be determined as long as Mahomes’ family doesn’t ruin it). I think we also remember how the Packers with Aaron Rodgers was gonna be a dynasty right? How did that work out?

Sportscasters love to stir the pot, which is why they’ll say the most outlandish things humanly possible. Sometimes, they’re dead wrong, much like everything Skip Bayless says. Other times, there could be some truth to their madness. LA fans are hoping what Colin Cowherd had to say on The Herd earlier this week will come to fruition. Before you start groaning, I have my issues with Cowherd too but let’s hear him out first.

“Obviously you have to be great,” Cowherd said on his Fox Sports show. “But it’s not just you. So much of what creating a dynasty is about is you need breaks, you need opponents to get old, you need great star quarterbacks to change teams. So if you look at the next great dynasty in sports, you can make a really strong argument [that] it’s the Rams.”

Cowherd was quite complementary about the Rams organization and front office, along with who they have at coach and quarterback respectively.

“(Sean) McVay is an A+ coach, it’s over,” Cowherd said. “And, unlike Bill Belichick or Mike Tomlin, he’s on the right side of the ball going forward. They also have an A, A+ GM who’s literally created a different way of doing business. And we also know that Matt Stafford, for all those who question him, has a Tom Brady, fourth-quarter thing that’s indisputable.”

The rest of Cowherd’s comments can be found below:

It’s possible Cowherd could be blowing smoke as he usually does, but he makes some fair points. I’m not ready to assert the Rams as the next dynasty just yet as I’ll wait to see where they go from here. However, the NFC is likely to go through some significant changes this offseason.

Playoff contenders like Tampa, Green Bay, Seattle and Arizona among others have question marks at the most important position. In the NFC West alone, besides the teams I just listed, the 49ers are unsure how second-year QB Trey Lance will develop should he step into the starting role by the season opener.

As we’ve seen, it’s very difficult to repeat in a league where parity is king. While things look promising for a Rams repeat now, things can change in an instant once the games begin. Just look at LA’s opponent in the Super Bowl for example. How many people predicted the Bengals to win the AFC a year after winning four games? You just never know what might happen since nothing is guaranteed.

There’s a target on the back of every champion, but let’s wait to see how the Rams respond to the pressure before we label them the league’s next dynasty.