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Sean McVay on coaching staff and importance of new deals for two key Rams

McVay confirms new deals for Aaron Donald and Matthew Stafford are “high priorities”

Super Bowl LVI - Head Coach & MVP Press Conference Photo by Katelyn Mulcahy/Getty Images

Head coach Sean McVay held one of his first press conferences since the Los Angeles Rams’ 23-20 Super Bowl victory over the Cincinnati Bengals. During McVay’s press conference, he discussed several topics including a likely career in television at the conclusion of his coaching career, Aaron Donald’s and Matthew Stafford’s contracts, and the multitude of coaching changes.

Television may be the future, but the Rams are the present focus

“Really excited, flattered by some of the opportunities and interests. That is something that down the line I think that I would be interested in some of the media things, but my heart is in coaching.”

It’s nice to hear McVay confirm his intent to stay with the Rams, after reportedly turning down a $100 million offer from Amazon to be an analyst on their Thursday Night Football broadcast. I can’t even imagine the check owner Stan Kroenke will likely write him to keep him on the sidelines at SoFi Stadium.

Aaron Donald’s desire to bring back the “super team” looms heavy

“Oh, it’s huge. The dialogue and the relationships that you establish with foundational pieces like an Aaron, like a Matthew are vital to being able to put the puzzle together the right way. That’s the challenge. You want to be able to reward everyone accordingly, while also knowing that there’s parameters around how you want to be able to build it.”

The front office and coaching staff listening to the player’s desires and empowering their recruitment efforts were underrated aspects of why this team was able to build a roster that capped off the 2021 season with a Super Bowl victory. Continuing to operate in that manner only makes sense. McVay added that this was the most “player-led” team he has been involved with.

Stafford’s extension and re-working AD’s contract imminent

“It’s huge. That an incredibly high priority. There’s a lot of guys that are really important, but I think when you look at those two in particular, those guys are foundational pieces on each side of the ball. They’re basically both unanimously voted captains. They epitomize what’s right about the Rams. I think the other thing that’s special is these guys deserve and will be rewarded accordingly, but I think they also understand they want to work in coordination to try to help us be as competitive as we can.”

Locking down Stafford for the long haul and potentially making AD the highest paid defender in the game are both absolute necessities. I have faith that general manager Les Snead will get these deals done soon, while also allowing the team to be flexible in retaining and pursuing other players.

McVay and Snead not attending the combine

“At the end of the day, Les and I felt like our time would be best utilized staying back, being able to do some things and there’s a lot of layers to that.”

McVay added that not having a pick until the compensatory pick at the end of the third round, as well as having such a late start to the offseason did play a part in the decision to forgo the combine, though there is still a “Rams presence” in Indianapolis.

The Rams’ annual coaching carousel continues

“Getting Liam Coen back, what a great job he did at the University of Kentucky leading the way. He and I really kept in great contact...I really love the way he sees the game. We see it through a very similar lens.”

Adding a familiar face as offensive coordinator is the next best thing towards building and keeping some sort of continuity, considering there were six additions to the coaching staff. McVay did note that Thomas Brown will now coach the tight ends, citing his time coaching the position during his tenure in Washington enhanced his understanding of the game from a more broad perspective. He also added that Brown will assist in finding the next running backs coach.

Below are the other coaching hires, though some of their responsibilities have yet to be publicly confirmed by the team.

  • Greg Olsen: According to McVay, they are “figuring out the exact capacities” of Olsen’s roll.
  • Jake Peetz: Former LSU offensive coordinator who’s exact role has yet to be released.
  • Chris Beake: Beake will coach inside linebackers.
  • Jeremy Springer: Springer will assist with special teams.
  • Skyler Jones: Jones will assist with the defensive line.