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Rams taking advantage of title window while it’s wide open

Following a crazy start to offseason, Rams holding steady in a league of uncertainty

Los Angeles Rams vs Arizona Cardinals, 2022 NFC Wild Card Playoffs Set Number: X163910 TK1

Over the last couple of weeks, fans of the Los Angeles Rams and the NFL have watched perhaps the craziest start to an offseason in league history. Just look at all the transactions that have gone down thus far:

Is anyone else’s head spinning or is that just me? My goodness, imagine the hand cramps those in the league office writing the offseason script must be having right about now. With all the dizzying movement around the league, it’s fair to debate how long a title window stays open in the NFL before it slams shut.

Take the Kansas City Chiefs for instance. On Wednesday, they traded Patrick Mahomes’ top wide receiver Tyreek Hill to the Dolphins faster than a cheetah on the prowl. In the months following the Chiefs’ 31-20 win in Super Bowl LIV, Hill had some rather lofty expectations for the NFL’s newest studmuffins.

What Tyreek failed to realize was that it was (SIGH) Tom Brady who would win his seventh ring before the Chiefs colossally choked in getting number two with Mahomes under center. While his comments clearly haven’t aged well to this point, maybe he’ll win six more with Miami so the pressure’s on you now Tua.

Who would’ve guessed that Hill wouldn’t be on the Chiefs less than two years after making these comments? Not that KC’s title window has slammed shut due to the trade, but this isn’t the first example of the fast-paced lifestyle of the league nor will it be the last.

Since 2016, we’ve seen the Falcons field one of the most prolific offenses only to “28-3” it down the toilet. We’ve seen the Jaguars make a stunning run to the 2017 AFC Championship then become the most poorly run organization in the league. At least they’ll always have Trevor Lawrence’s luminous golden locks and Urban Meyer who really should study up on Aaron Donald.

We’ve also seen the Packers who’ve had a seemingly wide-open title window since 2010 but have blown every last opportunity they’ve had. Weren’t they supposed to become the next dynasty? Aaron Rodgers is immunized from my criticism today since he isn’t completely at fault for Green Bay’s shortcomings since winning Super Bowl XLV.

Either way, Rodgers and the Packers along with those other teams I listed are proof that absolutely nothing is guaranteed in a league like this. This is a cold-blooded business where no soul is sparred. We’ve seen our frenemies in Seattle release longtime defensive leader Bobby Wagner for basically no reason at all. Yeah right Pete, you’re not rebuilding, we believe you (cue eye roll).

All this activity makes LA fans appreciate what the Rams are doing to remain competitive. This offseason excitement is compliments to GM Les Snead who’s been remarkably aggressive and successful in building a champion. Now the question becomes, how long will the Rams’ title window remain open?

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Quarterback Matthew Stafford signed a monstrous contract which guarantees him another four years in Hollywood. Los Angeles may have missed out on Von Miller to Buffalo but they’ve trying to get someone I believe would be a significant upgrade (c’mon Wagner sign already). LA also added Allen Robinson and are working to retain OBJ which would give this team the deepest receiving core in the league.

At most, I’d say this team has a maximum window of four years. The front office will do what they can to remain relevant throughout the remainder of Stafford’s contract. So far, so good for the chances of a repeat. However, as we know, life moves much too quickly in the NFL.

Nothing is guaranteed to any team or player, no matter the talent.