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Rams’ defense still a championship caliber unit after first wave of free agency

Despite losing Von Miller, Rams are still the kings of the NFL...and they’re not done yet

Seattle Seahawks v Los Angeles Rams Photo by Sean M. Haffey/Getty Images

For fans of the Los Angeles Rams still panicking about the loss of Von Miller to the Buffalo Bills, everything will be just fine. Wash your worries away. Trust me after one week of free agency, this team still has a championship caliber roster on hand, and their defense doesn’t have much to worry about.

Of course, it’s easy to be optimistic after winning the franchise’s second Super Bowl title. However, one peek at the unit already and that’s enough to be hopeful about what 2022 might bring for LA.

Los Angeles defeated the Bengals in February with a similar group. While Miller has gotten all the headlines following his mega-deal with the Bills, the Rams had another notable name leave during the first wave.

Cornerback Darious Williams was part of the Jaguars’ spending spree and signed a three-year deal with the organization. Williams was a significant contributor last season, playing in 14 games including 13 starts during the regular season and started all four playoff games. His loss in the secondary will hurt because the Rams will have a hard time replicating his experience.

More than anything, the pass defense will suffer if the team fails to bring in another option at corner, whether free agency or the draft (they still have picks right?)

Other ramblings I’ve heard is that losing Miller will hurt the defense, which is somewhat true to a degree. Take a look at his postseason production and tell me how it could be replaced:

The problem with that statement is that Donald and Floyd were the ones relieving the pressure off Von, not the other way around. Donald is obviously accustomed to seeing double-teams but Floyd was seeing them quite often too, leaving Miller one-on-one, allowing for his strong late-season production. I believe Floyd will have a huge year and another fan on social media seems to agree.

It’s evident that the Rams still have plenty of pieces at their disposal on defense, and there’s no chance that they’re finished yet. There have been rumors of the front office taking a look at Bobby Wagner which would be the best way to troll the Seahawks. Maybe Snead and company will look at cornerback options available in free agency as well.

For the fans out there still frantic over what the team has left to do, don’t worry about it. They aren’t the Packers so they won’t trade away someone like Cooper Kupp. (I probably shouldn’t say that since even Tyreek Hill is available for trade now.)

The Rams have a championship-winning front office so you can bet they’re not finished adding to next year’s squad.