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Rams in no rush to attend NFL pro day workouts

Les Snead isn’t sending anyone to the combine or pro days, but maybe the Super Bowl GM doesn’t have to

NFL Combine Photo by Michael Hickey/Getty Images

The Los Angeles Rams are Super Bowl champions. People forget that.

Maybe people forget the Rams because they’re nowhere to be found among the other 31 teams preparing for this year’s draft.

Though Les Snead won’t be drafting Pitt quarterback Kenny Pickett this year, it doesn’t mean that his team is required to miss the Pittsburgh pro day. Snead could have also attended the Iowa pro day, even though Tyler Linderbaum, arguably the closest thing you’ll find to “Aaron Donald prospect at center,” won’t be coming to L.A. either.

However, Snead wasn’t at either pro day and neither was any other member of the Rams. Every other NFL team was in attendance. At both pro days.

Snead traded the Rams’ first round pick for Matthew Stafford, his second and third round picks for Von Miller, and his fourth round pick for Sony Michel. He also is a Super Bowl champion, so there’s that. L.A. won’t be picking until 104—third round comp pick—because of those moves, however.

Still, the Rams will have to pick some players, if not a lot of them as they often do, and Pitt and Iowa both have prospects that will go lower than Pickett and Linderbaum.

However, Snead’s been known to say that the combine and pro days and 40-yard dash times are, for no better term, overrated. Snead prefers tape and GPS data to record speed, plus everything that happens at pro days like athletic measurements, is publicly available data.

Why waste the time? Plus, the Rams are Super Bowl champions.

People forget that.