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4 reasons to love Allen Robinson signing with the Los Angeles Rams

Matthew Stafford has a new wide receiver that meshes with his style perfectly...hand meet glove

Chicago Bears v Los Angeles Rams Photo by Harry How/Getty Images

The Los Angeles Rams made their first splash in free agent, signing former Chicago Bears wide receiver Allen Robinson to a three-year, $46.5 million deal. Robinson is a gifted athlete and a special receiver. His peers voted him as the 87th best player in the league on Top 100 players of 2021, even with less than stellar quarterback play. There are a ton of reasons to love this addition.

Robinson is a jump ball specialist

The Rams no doubt already had an elite receiving corps. However, there may have been one thing missing: a proven jump ball specialist. They now have this in Robinson; a player that can go up and get it. This is a trait that will mesh beautifully with Matthew Stafford and his willingness to give his guys a few 50/50 passes.

Having Robinson provides the offense with a playmaker that can make turn those into more favorable opportunities, especially considering he’s going to be covered by defense’s second and third cornerbacks. Don’t be surprised to see Stafford’s interception total dip in 2022.

LA has four receivers rehabbing season-ending injuries

This signing takes a bit of the offseason and early season reps off of Robert Woods and Odell Beckham Jr. (both suffered torn ACL’s), assuming he re-signs with LA. Robinson’s arrival also allows the Rams’ training staff to be a bit more patient during their rehab. Los Angeles also has TuTu Atwell (shoulder) and Jacob Harris (ACL and MCL) rehabbing serious injuries.

How Robinson’s addition impacts the rest of the Rams’ receivers

When healthy, this may be deepest pass catching group in the NFL

Who is stopping Cooper Kupp, Woods, Robinson, Tyler Higbee, and OBJ? Even if Beckham Jr. decides to go elsewhere, those pass catchers are deadly with Stafford at the helm. Throw in Cam Akers and Darrell Henderson catching passes out of the backfield and it’s going to be a problem for opposing defenses. This may be the group that forces head coach Sean McVay to expand beyond their base 11 personnel.

A new nightmare matchup in the red zone

Expect Los Angeles’ efficiency in the red zone to increase, where Robinson’s 6’2 220 pound frame will terrorize cornerbacks. McVay incorporated fade routes into the offense’s DNA last season and they are likely here to stay, especially since it led to the game-winning score in the Super Bowl. Though Kupp showed the fade route can be part of his repertoire on the go-ahead touchdown, it isn’t necessarily “his thing.” That route was likely designed for OBJ, had he been available.

Now, those fades go to Robinson. His size, catch radius, and reliable hands will shine in those circumstances.