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‘SNL’ alum Taran Killam talks Rams fans at SoFi Stadium, Matthew Stafford, Super Bowl LVI

The actor and comedian is beyond excited to see his Rams in the Super Bowl and on their home turf no less

Boston Bruins v Vancouver Canucks - Game Two Photo by Bruce Bennett/Getty Images

Perhaps no team in the NFL has had more discussions about their fans in the last few years than the Los Angeles Rams. From another relocation to the delayed debut of SoFi Stadium and doubts about homefield advantage against the San Francisco 49ers, there is sometimes more talk about who roots for the Rams than there is about the Rams themselves.

The L.A. Rams may not have as many fans in California as a storied franchise like the 49ers, which is only logical given that the 49ers have been located in one place for the last 76 years, and the Rams just started playing games in front of SoCal fans again in September 2016. But the Rams are also the ninth-oldest franchise and arguably one of the five most-important: championships in three different cities; first professional sports team on the west coast; first team to re-integrate the NFL after a 13-year period when there were no Black players in football; the historic and groundbreaking ‘99 season, and now SoFi Stadium.

Now the Rams have the chance to win their first Super Bowl as an L.A. team and can do it right here in Los Angeles on their newly-christened field against the Cincinnati Bengals. It’s an opportunity that will have a significant impact on Rams fans, both the ones that have been waiting for this chance to come again and those on the verge of being converted.

One such Rams fan who has been waiting for Sean McVay’s second Super Bowl chance and a SoCal native is Taran Killam. You may know Taran from Twitter or Instagram, where he’s often posting about the Rams and celebrating this moment. You may also recognize him from Saturday Night Live, a role that meant that even if he couldn’t be an NFL player in real life, he could still play one on TV (Tim Tebow, to be exact). Killam was an SNL cast member from 2010 to 2016, he’s also appeared in hit comedy How I Met Your Mother, alongside his real-life wife, Cobie Smulders.

Listen to my half-hour talk with Taran Killam below or where you do podcasts and subscribe to Turf Show Times on your podcast apps for more Super Bowl coverage!

We talk about:

  • Taran’s history as a Rams fan and waiting for a team to come back to L.A.
  • Favorite Rams player to watch this season, both stars and under the radar
  • The Rams gaining fans in L.A.
  • Playing Tim Tebow on SNL and working with athletes as hosts
  • Re-living the last year and playoffs of the Matthew Stafford experience—”It’s like being a child of divorce”
  • Where does the NFC Championship rank among his all-time Rams game experiences