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Rams should ‘run it back’ with return of Von Miller

Linebacker’s late-season and playoff production warrants a Hollywood sequel

Super Bowl LVI - Los Angeles Rams v Cincinnati Bengals Photo by Kevin C. Cox/Getty Images

Freshly off the high of winning that elusive first Super Bowl title, Los Angeles Rams defensive tackle Aaron Donald had a clear message for LA’s front office:

“We built a super team. We can bring the super team back,” Donald said via “Why not run it back? We can be world champs again...I’m gonna enjoy the moment. We bring everybody back, I’m back...Odell Beckham, Von Miller, we bring them guys back, let’s make it happen.”

Um, Mr. Snead, you’re on the clock and I would do everything that man says. I believe we all saw what he did to Joe Burrow in the Big Game. On this note, Von Miller should be extended in the offseason. Following the trade for Miller, I was quite harsh towards the acquisition since I was worried about the draft capital the Rams spent to get him.

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In all fairness, Miller had missed all of 2020 with a severe ankle injury and his production was slipping towards the end of his time in Denver. During his first several games in Los Angeles, Von hadn’t done much to justify his trade value. I would also like to clear the air, I NEVER hated the trade. I simply thought LA gave away far too much for a linebacker seemingly past his prime. Well, I was wrong since Miller must’ve seen my criticism and decided to make me eat my words. (No hard feelings right Von?)

The playoffs reintroduced the NFL world to Vintage Von as the future Hall of Famer showed he still had enough in the tank. His postseason play was eerily similar to his run with the Broncos to the Super Bowl 50 title.

Pro Football Reference

Miller’s 2021 numbers in sacks and total tackles were close to what he put up in 2015. He put up more tackles-for-loss with the Rams and his number of QB hits were identical to his Broncos one as well. Von sacked a hapless Burrow twice in the Super Bowl which tied him with a legend forever immortalized in Canton.

The most striking fact is that it took Haley five trips to the Super Bowl to get this record. Miller tied it in only his second appearance. I believe Von’s late season heroics is enough to get an extension from the Rams, but his role as a mentor can’t be overlooked either. Rookie linebacker Ernest Jones didn’t take for granted what his team accomplished in year one and has been appreciative in Miller’s role towards his development.

If Miller continues enough of his late-season production from last season and assists the youngsters on the roster, why not bring him back. Von appears to be very interested in playing towards defending LA’s title.

Probably the best thing going for Von is that should he hit free agency, teams will be cautious to hand him a lucrative deal. The days of Miller getting large contracts are likely over, but he could still cash in by staying with a team that wants him back and is a clear Super Bowl favorite.

My bet is that the two-time champion will sign a one-or-two-year deal to stay in LA. At this point in his storied career, this would make the most sense. If Von and the front office are mutually banking on a return, the Rams should do everything possible to resign him. Why leave when you know you’re playing for the defending champs?

Run it back with the Rams Von, LA has another Lombardi to play for.