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Sean McVay, Aaron Donald express excitement to ‘run it back’ in 2022

The Rams want to repeat as world champions with McVay and Donald

Rams Victory Parade

Will Sean McVay and Aaron Donald retire in 2022? Not if you believe what the pair had to say at the LA RamsSuper Bowl victory celebration on Wednesday. Even if they’ve had a few drinks—a drunk person’s words are a sober person’s thoughts.

While the world speculated this week about whether or not McVay and Donald are actually contemplating an early retirement, the 36-year-old head coach and 30-year-old future Hall of Famer have stayed quiet on the issue. Only saying that they wanted to focus on the moment.

McVay was decidedly NOT quiet at the podium with Rams’ correspondent J.B. Long on Wednesday. Long said that McVay whispered to him to ask if Donald would return for another season to win the next Super Bowl championship, at which point McVay grabbed the mic and started a “run it back!” chant among the Rams faithful.

Donald then spoke at the podium and said “Why not?”