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Rams fan poll, Super Bowl edition: How badly do fans want to see Aaron Donald win it all?

“Were you wrong about Matthew Stafford?” “Is Cooper Kupp the greatest Rams WR ever?” Rams fans weigh in!

Super Bowl LVI - Los Angeles Rams Practice & Media Day Photo by Kevork Djansezian/Getty Images

For the last time in the 2021-22 season, I have sent out 10 questions about the L.A. Rams for L.A. Rams fans. With the Super Bowl right around the corner, the stakes have never been this high for Matthew Stafford. But Sean McVay, Aaron Donald know first hand how quickly these moments can fade away with one bad night.

The Cincinnati Bengals hope to deliver the Rams a “bad night” on Sunday but it sure feels like McVay has a better roster than he did in 2018 and a greater shot of seeing his quarterback lead L.A. to a Super Bowl victory.

How confident are Rams fans that it will happen? Here’s how you voted in this week’s survey about the Rams.

78-percent of Rams fans think that Matthew Stafford is more likely to have a great game than Joe Burrow

Even though Joe Burrow is considered a Super Bowl MVP favorite, one advantage that Stafford might have is that he doesn’t have to throw at Jalen Ramsey. Despite questions about Stafford’s postseason abilities not long ago, most Rams fans are confident that he’ll get the job done on Sunday it seems.

Almost half of you said that Joe Burrow is the Bengals offensive player who scares you the most

60-percent of Rams fans think that Jalen Ramsey and Ja’Marr Chase will cancel each other out, while another 33-percent think Ramsey will shut him down

If Ramsey cancels out Chase, that still leaves Tee Higgins and Tyler Boyd against L.A.’s other cornerbacks.

Almost 50-percent of Rams fans think a 4-point advantage in the betting line is exactly right

43-percent of Rams fans think Matthew Stafford is most responsible for the Rams reaching the Super Bowl, followed by Les Snead and Sean McVay

Rams fans are split on how many times Joe Burrow will be sacked, but they mostly all agree it will be at least three times

Burrow was the most sacked quarterback of 2021.

Who do Rams fans most want to see win a Super Bowl? 45-percent say Aaron Donald, followed by 34-percent for Matthew Stafford

Over two-thirds of Rams fans don’t think the Rams need to win the Super Bowl for the 2021-22 season to be considered a success, but 20-percent say losing is not an option

Half of Rams fans think that Cooper Kupp is almost the greatest Rams receiver of all-time, but not quite there yet, while roughly one-third say he already is the franchise’s GOAT at the position

It’s quite a list. Kupp won Offensive Player of the Year on Thursday.

Almost two-thirds of Rams fans say that they expected the Matthew Stafford trade to go something like this, while 25-percent say that they didn’t think it would be this great of a deal

Thank you for voting! What answers do you NOT agree with?