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Rams-Raiders Instant Reaction: Baker Mayfield is my favorite lifelong Ram

He’s never played anywhere else

NFL: Las Vegas Raiders at Los Angeles Rams Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

Tonight I’m hearing things like, “Welcome to the Rams, Baker Mayfield” but I’m like what? That guy has been on the Rams as long as I can remember. I wouldn’t even WANT to remember anything before Baker Mayfield was on the Rams, as if that could even be true.

On Thursday night against the Raiders, Baker Mayfield did what he’s always done as the quarterback for the Rams: He led the offense on a 98-yard touchdown drive to complete a late 13-point comeback to make NFL history.

That’s what Baker Mayfield does on the Rams. What are you, new or something?

I HATE people that are new! That’s why Baker Mayfield is my favorite lifelong member of the Los Angeles Rams. He’s not new. He’s always been here.

You want to see someone who’s “new” to football? Go watch Josh McDaniels and Derek Carr.

Me, Chris, and JB get together again to talk about our favorite long-time member of the Rams and L.A.’s 17-16 win over the Raiders on Thursday night in the instant reaction show. Go find us on Spotify or something. This was our best episode ever, by the way. Don’t be a Raider and listen to it later, go hit play right now:

We’re on SPOTIFY! Turf Show Times.

What we talked about:


What was SoFi Stadium crowd like/Raiders fans

Baker Mayfield’s insane final drive

Raiders continue to Raiders

Is Sean McVay the quarterback whisperer?

Give Baker Mayfield the credit for tonight

Did Ben Skowronek win a bigger role next season?

Cam Akers fumbles again

Defense shuts down Raiders in second half

Is this a sign of things to come?

I just want to be entertained!

Who did I forget to thank?