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Rams fan Al Michaels has history of trash talking Jalen Ramsey

Does Al take it personally when Ramsey gets “torched”?

Los Angeles Rams vs Atlanta Falcons, 2018 NFC Wild Card Playoffs Set Number: X161607 TK1

Al Michaels isn’t shy. I don’t know if he’s less shy at this stage of his career or if this is the way that Michaels has always been and I didn’t notice, but listening to Thursday Night Football’s broadcast has become must-hear television this season.

From mocking the SoFi Stadium PA announcer during Thursday night’s Rams win over the Raiders, to pointing out that cornerback Jalen Ramsey has “been torched for seven touchdowns” this season, Al Michaels was peak IDGAF for Amazon Prime.

This is not the first time that Michaels has made some negative points about Jalen Ramsey, however. It wasn’t even the first time in 2022.

During the Rams’ Super Bowl win over the Cincinnati Bengals, the “Al Michaels-Jalen Ramsey feud” was also trending.

And of a Ramsey play in Rams-Titans last season... “Rramsey taketh... and giveth.”

Of course, Al Michaels is a broadcaster which means that he’s required by NFL law to talk about players, so it comes as no surprise that he’s mentioned Jalen Ramsey a few times. He’s most likely said positive things about Ramsey, too. But it is also worth mentioning that Al Michaels IS a Rams fan.

“It was Nov. 2, 1958, my first time in the Coliseum, and the attendance was 100,470,” Michaels, now 72, said this week. “It was a tremendous game, the Rams won, 41-35, over the Bears, and Jon Arnett had a game for the ages.

“We had just moved here from New York. My father took me to the stadium, and it was exhilarating as a kid to walk in there. It was one of those childhood memories you don’t forget.”

So to what degree Al Michaels is actually upset with Ramsey “getting torched”—it has to be more than zero.

If we know anything, it’s that Jalen Ramsey usually has something to say in return: The torch is yours.