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Rams vs Raiders: 4th Quarter Game thread

It is hard to blame the refs when the Rams are their own worst enemy.

NFL: Las Vegas Raiders at Los Angeles Rams Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

The Los Angeles Rams trail the Las Vegas Raiders by score of 13-3.

The Rams received the ball after halftime. Their offense wanted to start the second half off strong, but unfortunately they again came away with no points. It’s impressive what Baker Mayfield is doing all things considered, but the offense still looks bad. The score remained 13-3, putting more pressure on the Rams defense.

The Rams defense held strong to get the Rams the ball back. LA was only trailing by 10 points with plenty of time left. It didn’t seem likely, but LA had a chance.

The Rams were forced to punt again, and it looked like the punter got hit on the play, but the officials picked up the flag, something they’ve done more than once this game. Vegas’s offense had the ball, again.

LA’s defense showed up, forcing a punt, and the Rams had a chance to score. They wouldn’t, and the Raiders would retake possession after a silly penalty by Coleman Shelton and a missed field goal.

The Raiders are in Rams territory, and may have a chance to put this game away.

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