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That time Sean McVay and Baker Mayfield were on a plane together

The pair kept flying in Baker’s Rams debut against Raiders

Las Vegas Raiders v Los Angeles Rams Photo by Sean M. Haffey/Getty Images

The Los Angeles Rams and Baker Mayfield are currently synonymous. I saw the signing, you saw the signing, we all saw the signing! I am excited, why wouldn’t I be?

And who couldn’t be excited after Baker’s miraculous and magical debut on Thursday night?

Sure, he may be the media’s definition of mercurial and is definitely divisive, but he is the guy that led the Cleveland Browns to their first playoff win since the 1994-1995 season. Unlike Cleveland’s previous playoff win, Sean McVay and Mayfield’s reuniting did not take 20 years.

Two months before Mayfield was the first pick in the 2018 draft, Ian Rapoport tweeted that he was spotted on a plane with Sean McVay:

McVay was seated first, Mayfield hustled to sit next to him ... There may be some QB talk going on.

At the time, it was a buzzy NFL story that didn’t mean much other than to be exactly what it was: An NFL story involving two big names. Sean McVay, at the time, had suddenly turned the L.A. Rams and Jared Goff into something to be taken seriously. Baker Mayfield was and always will be Baker Mayfield. He’s an athlete that’s played and won in huge games. At times, he looks like an elite talent, and above all else he seems genuine. Even in his corny (I love them) commercials, the guy is likable, and you can see how someone, or a team, would rally around him.

Neither McVay or Mayfield disclosed all that much about their airplane ride together. There are some quotes that can be found through basic online searches. Unsurprisingly, I have no first-hand sources of the account, so I do not know for sure. Rapport’s tweet suggests that Mayfield “hustled” to sit next to McVay, but I’ve also read that McVay called Baker over to come sit by him. Both scenarios can be true. They probably saw each other, and wanted to sit by each other. Simple as that.

Sort of the same story that happened this week. A “We kind of need you” and “I kind of need you too” situation.

But this is the NFL, and every story can be read into beyond what is necessary or reasonable.

Here’s what we do know. They sat next to each other on an airplane all those years ago, and like some type of Twilight Zone episode, here we are now, sitting next to each other again, fresh off of those most thrilling win of the season.

Funny how things work out.