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Ideas for your Rams holiday homegate this season

A few ideas to make your Christmas homegating experience a memorable celebration.

NFL: Denver Broncos at Las Vegas Raiders Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

If you would have asked me at the beginning of the season where I would have expected to be this December I would have told you, without hesitation: planning for Los Angeles Rams football in January. That expectation has become but another dream on Santa’s wish list as it appears Matthew Stafford has been shut down for the season along with several other starters.

Does that mean it is no longer the season to be jolly? Maybe. Regardless of your feelings towards LA’s Super Bowl hangover season, the Rams are just a few weeks from taking on Russell Wilson and the Denver Broncos on Christmas Day. The match will mark Denver’s fourth time and Los Angeles’ first time appearing in one of America’s favorite Christmas traditions: football on Sunday. With both teams bottoming out as two of the NFL’s most mediocre this season it could be a snooze-fest, but the homegating should be bopping!

If you won’t find yourself making the trip to SoFi on Sunday and are staying home for the holidays, here are some ideas to make sure your homegate is as festive as possible.


You could be as predictable as Sean McVay’s play calling this season and put out your famous Sunday punch bowl, slap a holiday sticker on it and call it a day, or you could find your festive side and mix it up for once. With a frosty chill in the air, providing your guests the warmth of a hot holiday beverage could make you the talk of your fantasy group. Slow-cooker drinks are a great way to utilize the tools you already have laying around the house and also craft some homemade beverages that will make you homegating royalty.

Slow Cooker Apple Cider
Gimme Some Oven

My favorite is Gimme Some Oven’s “Slow Cooker Apple Cider.” It has just a few simple ingredients: Apples, an orange, cinnamon sticks, and some holiday spices and is easy to make. Your entire house will smell like apple-cinnamon and you can easily add some spiced rum or any other spirit of your choice to entertain the adults with this mix-it and forget-it recipe. You can find the recipe here and many others like it by clicking this link. From peppermint hot chocolate to cranberry apple cider, a few ingredients mixed into a slow cooker can get your friends and family warmed up and ready to watch the game!


Sometimes it takes just a little creativity to turn a regular homegate into a winter wonderland that amazes and delights your guests. If you do not want to risk the integrity of your classic dishes, a simple spin on the recipe could make all the difference and that’s why I love the inspiration from Taste of Home’s recipe for Santa Deviled Eggs. Not only can you keep your to-die-for deviled-eggs recipe that have guests running to the table, but some slight modifications will turn them into an unforgettable Christmas spectacle.

Santa Deviled Eggs
Taste of Home

You can take the same inspiration with all of your classics. Famous for your jalapeño poppers? Simply place them in a Christmas tree pattern using this recipe from the Recipe Well, or try these reindeer sliders that are sure to deliver a tasty bite to everyone at your party!


Likely there will be plenty of dessert to go around on Christmas Day, but the proper homegate needs a sweet treat that encompasses the holiday while also fitting the football spirit. It’s got to be sweet, it’s got to be festive, and it’s got to be dippable.

I found a recipe on Pam’s Daily Dish that fits the bill. The “4 ingredient sweet Christmas dip” can be modified for any occasion and the ingredients can be substituted easily to your liking. Add some blue food coloring and yellow sprinkles to make it a LA delight or add a different color for any team you support.

4 Ingredient Sweet Christmas Dip
Pam’s Daily Dish

What do you plan on serving for your holiday homegate? We would love to hear your ideas and try your recipes, let us know in the comments below!