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Rams 2023 draft: When does L.A. make their first pick?

Where are Rams first two picks?

Seattle Seahawks v Los Angeles Rams Photo by Harry How/Getty Images

The Los Angeles Rams do not have the luxury of receiving a high first round pick for their troubles, amid a 3-9 campaign. Instead, the Rams received help en route to the 2021 Super Bowl championship for two first round picks and that’s a sweet consolation prize.

After losing to the Seattle Seahawks in Week 13, the first round draft pick going from L.A. to the Detroit Lions now sits at fourth overall, behind the Houston Texans, Chicago Bears, and the Denver Broncos pick, which is going to the Seahawks. L.A. and Denver have the same record but tiebreaker is determined by opponent strength of schedule, and the Rams’ is just a hair more difficult than the Broncos.

The Bears are 3-10 though, having played one additional game so far, and the Rams would have higher priority than Chicago if they finish with the same record.

As it stands, the Rams’ first pick is 34th overall in the second round. Who or what position do you think the Rams should target with their first pick?

The Rams could probably finish as high as second in draft order, with the odds of catching the Houston Texans for anybody looking quite unlikely. Based on current order, any teams that have the same record in the first round, they keep rotating in the second round: So if the teams picking second, third, and fourth have the same record, then whoever picked first in the first round, they move down two spots in the second round. And the team that picked second in the first round, picks first in the second round, while the third team also moves up one spot.

In this case, the draft order in the second round would be: Texans, Bears, Rams, Broncos (also going Seahawks).

If the Rams end up losing as many games as the Bears though, then the draft order in the first round could end up as Texans, Seahawks (via Broncos), Lions (via Rams), Bears. Then in the second round, it would be Texans, Rams, Bears, Seahawks (via Broncos).

But based on the current order, L.A. is situated with the third pick in the second round which comes out to 34th overall. There are only 31 first round picks next year, so the second round order would go 32, 33, then 34.

L.A. also has their third round pick, which at its current place would be 65th overall.

Rams current 2023 draft order:

1st round (none)
2nd round - 34th overall
3rd round - 65th overall
No Known Comp Picks
4th round (none)
5th round (none)
6th round
6th round (from Packers)
6th round (from Titans)
7th round