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5 keys to victory for the Rams to beat Seahawks and end losing streak

How can the Rams end their losing streak against the Seahawks

NFL: Seattle Seahawks at Los Angeles Rams Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

We’re into the final stretch of a 2022 season that has not gone the way that the Los Angeles Rams anticipated. On Sunday, they’ll go up against a Seattle Seahawks team that Sean McVay has had success against throughout his career.

The Rams will be severely short-handed as Matthew Stafford remains in the concussion protocol and Aaron Donald is out with a high ankle sprain. Still, the Rams will be looking to get a win against a division rival. Here are five things that the Rams need to do to get a win on Sunday.

1. Utilize Bryce Perkins in the Run Game

The Rams may be starting John Wolford at quarterback, however, don’t be surprised if Bryce Perkins gets utilized in the run game. The Rams can’t predictable with this, however, it’s something that they absolutely should do.

Earlier this season, the Seahawks allowed nine carries for 112 yards to Taysom Hill. This is a team that hasn’t been good when it comes to defending the run. Josh Jacobs had a big day last week and Cordarrelle Patterson went for 141 yards in an Atlanta Falcons win in Week 3.

If the Rams can take pressure off of Wolford and get chunks on the ground, they’ll have a chance.

2. Get Weird on Defense

Raheem Morris is going to need to get creative on the defensive side of the ball. Aaron Donald will be out along with A’Shawn Robinson. It’s going to limit how effective the Rams are in their typical base package.

The Rams aren’t far off of fielding a preseason squad at this point in the season. Morris can keep things vanilla which is very possible. Play it safe and keep it simple for young, inexperienced players. However, Geno Smith has been playing too well this season to do that.

Morris needs to mix it up and bring disguised blitzes to make things a little more complicated for the Seahawks offense. Someone needs to step up and be able to create pressure. If they can’t do that, Morris is going to need to bring designed pressure.

3. Move the Pocket For Wolford

Wolford is most comfortable when he’s on the move and able to use his legs. When he was forced to throw from the pocket against the Arizona Cardinals, many of his passes sailed high or were inaccurate.

The Rams need to get Wolford comfortable and into a rhythm. The best way to do that is going to be to get Wolford on the move on bootlegs and on play action. If the Rams can get Wolford settled early, it may pay off as the game goes on.

4. Play Like You Have Nothing to Lose

Sitting at 3-8, the Rams quite literally have nothing to lose at this point. They don’t have a top-5 pick. With no Matthew Stafford, Allen Robinson, Cooper Kupp, and Aaron Donald, the Rams are without a majority of their top playmakers.

At this point in the season, the Rams can play spoiler. They gave the Kansas City Chiefs all they could handle last week. With McVay’s success against Pete Carroll, don’t expect the Rams to go down without a fight.

5. Get Young Players Involved

Four years in to the Taylor Rapp experiment, the Rams know what they have at that spot and understand that he’s not going to be apart of their future plans. Van Jefferson’s season got off to a rocky start, dealing with an injury. David Long isn’t the answer at cornerback.

The Rams need to play guys that have something to prove. Cobie Durant hasn’t seen a lot of time since going down with an injury. Russ Yeast should be seeing time at safety. TuTu Atwell has also shown signs of life over the last few weeks.

These are players that are hungry to make a play. With a plethora of the typical play-makers out, the Rams need guys that have that mindset.