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Will Cam Akers lead Rams through battle for LA?

The resurgent running back will face off against the Chargers’ bottom-five run defense

Denver Broncos v Los Angeles Rams Photo by Jayne Kamin-Oncea/Getty Images

The “Battle for LA” between the Los Angeles Rams and the Los Angeles Chargers set for the final weeks of the regular season sure seemed to pack more of a punch in September than it does right now. The Rams have collapsed amidst offensive line injuries and woes, which ultimately led to injuries and woes across the entire offense - including franchise QB Matthew Stafford. The Chargers seemed primed at the end of November for their classic late season slide, but Brandon Staley was able to rally his team and clinch a playoff berth last week with a win over the Indianapolis Colts.

The Battle for LA is now just a game of bragging rights and pride, but that is all still worth fighting for. Both the Rams and Chargers are still fairly new to the LA market, and they constantly jostle for position and expanded fan bases.

Sunday’s game will embody the efforts each team has made over the last four or five years.

Kenneth Arthur & JB Scott discuss what’s at stake in this game on this installment of Turf Show Times: The Podcast. Cam Akers is primed for a big game against the Chargers’ bottom-five run defense unit, and his resurgence over the last month could solidify him as the starter heading into 2023. Can Akers lift his team and help take down the playoff-bound Chargers?

We also assess Baker Mayfield’s value ahead of his pending free agency at season’s end. While Mayfield will have suitors for a starting role, his best fit may be with the Rams. If Mayfield moves on, LA probably cannot trust Matthew Stafford to hold up for 17 games plus up to another 4 in the post-season - they must prepare for life without and after their franchise quarterback.

Why not look at a similar reclamation project to Mayfield for the next guy - Zach Wilson of the New York Jets?


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