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Andrew Whitworth can’t stop teasing people with NFL return rumors

“I’ll never say never” says Whitworth about coming out of retirement

NFL: SEP 08 Bills at Rams Photo by Brian Rothmuller/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images

Will Andrew Whitworth ever stop teasing people with open ended answers when they ask him over and over again if he’s going to return to the NFL?

“Never say never.”

That was Whitworth’s response this week when Peter Schrager asked if he’d consider signing with the Cincinnati Bengals to aid in their upcoming postseason run. The Bengals have lost La’El Collins for the rest of the season and playoffs.

“I’ve said this since the day I retired, I’ll never say never,” Whitworth said onThe Season with Peter Schrager podcast. “There’s always a chance.”

You’ll NEVER say “never,” Big Whit? Then maybe people should stop asking, if we already know the answer.

Whitworth may need a few rounds of ballots before he gets into the Hall of Fame, but in my opinion that is where he belongs. It is unlikely that any other human in history has played more snaps at left tackle than Andrew Whitworth, and he did at a high level the entire time. If Whitworth, 41, decides to return to the NFL this year, he would need to work it out with the Los Angeles Rams first. They’ll still own his rights to playing in the NFL.

Most likely though, that would be a small step towards returning and complications would make no sense. The NFL would be happy to have the story that Whitworth goes back to the Bengals and helps them get back to the Super Bowl after being the Bengals in the previous Super Bowl. That’s a dream for the league and they won’t let Les Snead stand in their way.

But if Whitworth ever decides to play again, the story that he might is not the story, only the story that he will come back and has already signed with a team would be the headline that warrants the most attention.

Never say “never”? Please, Big Whit...say “never.”