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Rams-Broncos postgame fight: Randy Gregory throws hands at Oday Aboushi

The Broncos edge rusher seemed a little ticked off that his team lost by 37 points

In case it wasn’t bad enough that his team lost by 37 points, Broncos edge rusher Randy Gregory decided to add onto his bad day by throwing hands at Rams guard Oday Aboushi. In footage caught by cameras after the game, when the two teams were giving each other final greetings after L.A.’s dominant 51-14 win on Christmas Day, Gregory can be seen getting in the face of Aboushi as he’s talking to Denver’s offensive linemen.

Then Gregory slaps Aboushi’s helmet, to which Aboushi responds with a helmet slap of his own.

The fight even broke out in front of Baker Mayfield as he was being interviewed in the postgame following his best performance of the season, if not his entire career.

“The offensive line is feeling themselves. I love it,” said Mayfield.

Fittingly, Gregory was wearing a Grinch sweater before the game.

The Broncos lost 51-14.