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Rams-Broncos Christmas Day Nickelodeon special preview: LA is about to get slimed!

We talked with two commentators for Nickelodeon’s “Nickmas Game” about the Rams-Broncos holiday matchup

The Los Angeles Rams host the Denver Broncos on Christmas Day and the NFL will be continuing their experiment with Nickelodeon for another NFL Nickmas Game. The NFL on Nickelodeon is aiming to target families and younger football fans with lively graphics, fun guests, and child-friendly commentary for the sport.

To get a better understanding of what Rams families can expect from the Nickelodeon broadcast of Rams-Broncos, I spoke to two of the commentators for this Sunday’s Christmas contest, Gabrielle Neveah Green and Young Dylan.

Gabrielle has a show on Nickelodeon titled That Girl Lay Lay, and Young Dylan can be seen on Tyler Perry’s Young Dylan. Both create their own music, both seem to adore spending time with their friends and family, and most importantly, they’re die-hard football fans.

Talent on Both Sides

Gabrielle and myself are both Rams fans (Young Dylan, an Eagles fan, but we won’t blame him for that). Gabrielle is a big proponent of being self-confident and spreading positivity, something I think Rams fans are struggling with these days with a 4-10 record, so do the Rams have anything to be positive about after this tough season?

“Biggest positive is that the Rams won the Super Bowl last year,” Gabrielle said with confidence, which made me think that the Rams are alright after all. Gabrielle also pointed out, “There’s talent on both sides of the field for this game.”

Though the Rams will be without Aaron Donald, Matthew Stafford and Cooper Kupp, fans can still look forward to Bobby Wagner, Jalen Ramsey, and Baker Mayfield on the field for the festive game. Meanwhile, Young Dylan will serve as Nick’s sideline reporter.

“I don’t really wanna interview the guys who lose, they’re probably in a bad mood at that time, and I understand, really,” Young Dylan wisely said. “So I would want to interview the guy that wins,” he continued ... let’s hope that’s the Rams then.

Check out his interview with Deebo Samuel here. Kind of almost makes me like Deebo!

Broncos fans let’s ride! Rams fans let’s try!

So we can assume that the winning team will most likely have a player interviewed by Young Dylan, but which talented players on the winning side might we see?

“Say if the Rams won, I would like to interview Jalen (Ramsey) cause he is the trash talk king.”

I couldn’t agree more. Whether Ramsey is having the best game of his life or the worst game of his life, he’s gonna approach it the same way. He’s gonna talk smack, and he’s going to compete. It’s a lot of fun for all.

“If Denver won, I would love to interview either Jerry Jeudy or Russell Wilson and the whole time I would just be saying Broncos Nation, Let’s Ride.”

Watch the Deebo Samuel interview again. I am rooting for the Rams, but even if they lose, I’d love to see who Young Dylan interviews from Denver! If LA wins, even better.

We wanna slime them all!

Based on past years, not only does the winning team have the opportunity for some extra interviews, but they can even get slimed! Gabrielle and Young Dylan were able talk about highly-confidential information such as which of these talented NFL players did they want to slime the most?

“I wanna slime them all, you know why because we need to do a mass sliming,” Gabrielle said, and her enthusiasm had me laughing with joy because the thought of the Rams winning is joyous (tis the season after all) and also it would be hilarious to see some of Rams players get slimed.

Did you see Baker Mayfield get slimed for winning the NVP in Week 14? The Rams’ QB took it like a real pro. The NFL’s Nickmas is a fun twist on football, especially considering that many of us grew up watching Nickelodeon. Now some of those young viewers get to host, commentate, play-in and in very rare cases write about an NFL game on Nickelodeon! And there is slime! It’s a dream come true.

Should we do NFL games on Christmas every year?

Every Thanksgiving there is football, it’s basically tradition. It’s glorious. It made me wonder if we should have NFL games every Christmas? I asked the experts.

“I would be down for more Christmas games,” said Gabrielle.

I love the holiday season, I love football, why not combine them as much as we can?

“Definitely, but I feel like, sometimes I might want to spend Christmas with my family,” replied Young Dylan. A fair point, maybe we don’t need to combine football with every holiday. This year though we do get to combine friends, family, the NFL and it’s all on CBS and Nickelodeon!

Sounds like a Nickmas Miracle to me.

The special slime-filled presentation of the NFL’s Christmas Day game between the Denver Broncos and Los Angeles Rams airs on the CBS Television Network and stream live on Paramount+ on Sunday, Dec. 25, at 1.30 p.m. PT/4.30 p.m. ET.