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How Week 9 impacted the Los Angeles Rams

Will the Rams have an “early” 2023 draft pick?

Seattle Seahawks v Arizona Cardinals Photo by Chris Coduto/Getty Images

The Los Angeles Rams do not own their 2023 first round draft pick anymore, but for the first time in a long time, Les Snead might be able to select a player in the top-40.

The Rams dropped to 3-5 by losing to the Bucs on Sunday and now they could be looking at a second round pick roughly 10-12 spots from the end of the first round. Blaine Grisak posted a Rams 2023 mock draft on Tuesday that had them taking tackle Matthew Bergeron with the 42nd pick.

The only top-42 pick for the Rams in the last six years has been Jared Goff.

But by losing another game, L.A. is creeping into “worst 10 teams” territory and they will need to get back on track by beating the 3-6 Arizona Cardinals in Week 10. Can they do that? Here’s how Week 9 impacted the Rams and only how Week 9 impacted the Rams.

Eagles 29, Texans 17 (TNF)

Houston is the midseason favorite to land quarterback Bryce Young out of Alabama with the top pick. The Texans also have a top-15 pick right now courtesy of the Browns. It’ll be somewhat helpful for L.A. if Young goes to the AFC instead of the NFC. The Rams don’t play either of these teams.

Chargers 20, Falcons 17

The Chargers are now 5-3 and the Rams face Brandon Staley’s other L.A. team in Week 17. Gerald Everett has over 300 receiving yards, but continues to make huge gaffes on the field. Sony Michel wouldn’t be of much help to the Rams, for what it’s worth, he’s not doing much for the Chargers. The Rams beat the Falcons, but Atlanta is now 4-5.

Dolphins 35, Bears 32

It seems like both of these teams have convinced themselves that they’re set at quarterback for the future, so don’t expect movement there in 2023. Bradley Chubb had one tackle in his Dolphins debut, the Rams had no chance at trading for him for what it’s worth.

Bengals 42, Panthers 21

The other 2022 Super Bowl team is rebounding and the Bengals are now 5-4 with a top-10 offense. It helps to have a strong running back, as Joe Mixon scored five times. Carolina, another team that the Rams beat this season, is now 2-7. Baker Mayfield returned to the field but P.J. Walker will start on Thursday. Brian Burns had another sack, a week after not being traded to the Rams.

Lions 15, Packers 9

The Rams are 3-5. The Lions are 2-6. Jared Goff had 5.3 yards per pass attempt, two touchdowns, one interception. Detroit has L.A.’s first round pick, which is currently 12th overall; that would give Lions GM Brad Holmes picks 5 and 12 in 2023. Expect a reach at quarterback with one of those selections, unless they get up to number one for Young.

Green Bay’s collapse may be even more unexpected than L.A.’s. The Packers are 3-6 and some are questioning if Aaron Rodgers will be back for another season in 2023. That would definitely increase Matthew Stafford’s likelihood of reaching the playoffs next year. The Rams and Packers face in Week 15 on Monday Night Football.

Jaguars 27, Raiders 20

The Rams face the 2-6 Raiders in Week 14, on Thursday Night Football.

Patriots 26, Colts 3

The Colts fired Frank Reich on Monday and while the Rams are normally involved in open head coaching jobs, potentially losing an assistant to somebody again, that doesn’t look to be the case this time. Why did the Rams sign Leonard Floyd instead of making a hard push for Matt Judon in 2021? Judon now has 11.5 sacks this season.

Jets 20, Bills 17

Jets were my preseason sleeper pick to make the AFC playoffs as a wild card, but now they could win the division after beating the Bills. The Bills are now 5-2 since beating the Rams 31-10 in Week 1. Josh Allen had no touchdowns and two interceptions, but rushed for two scores. Allen had four total touchdowns against the Rams. Von Miller had a sack, giving him seven in eight games.

Vikings 20, Commanders 17

Kevin O’Connell is 7-1.

Seahawks 31, Cardinals 21

Seattle leads the division at 6-3 with a 2-1 divisional record. The Cardinals are last in the division at 3-6 with an 0-3 record in the division. The Rams are 3-5 and play Arizona this week. The loser won’t rebound this year. The Rams still have two games left against the Seahawks.

Chiefs 20, Titans 17 (SNF)

The Rams play the Chiefs in Week 12 at Arrowhead. Kansas City is now 6-2 even though they also don’t have a running game.

Ravens 27, Saints 13 (MNF)

The Rams play the Saints in two weeks, in between the Cardinals and Chiefs, followed by the Seahawks. Those four games, the Rams can’t do worse than 3-1. If they are 3-1, then the Rams will be 6-6 with five games remaining. That’s doable. But L.A. has to beat Arizona and New Orleans and they have to at least split with Seattle and Kansas City. The Saints are 3-6.