Please explain Bobby Evans' arm signals and Stafford's fake handoffs

Okay guys, someone please enlighten me. I have been a Rams fans since they won the champtionship in 1951, but I don't understand this arm signalling on the line of scrimmage before the snap. Bobby Evans is apparently the appointed lineman to signal that everyone is ready for the play to begin. Then the center snaps the ball on cue. It appears to me that everyone on offense and defense, not to mention the entire audience, now knows the ball is coming. There seems to be no hesitation at this point to throw off the defense's timing. Is this something that all teams do? Last year it was Corbett doing the motion with same result. Arm swing, hike ball. Is this good football?

Another complaint: Matthew Stafford's handoff fakes are atrocious. Anyone watch college quarterbacks fake the defense out of their shoes with their slick moves? Don't the Rams have a quarterbacks coach?

Last, are Rams coaches immune to PFF grades? They may not be perfect, but the grades generally show who is performing well and who is not. Bobby Evans grades out at 33.9, 106th guard in the NFL. Yes, there are a few guys even worse, none of whom play much.