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Bobby Evans becomes point of emphasis for Rams fans dragging Sean McVay’s roster

Is Evans the worst offensive lineman in the NFL?

NFL: AUG 13 Preseason - Rams at Chargers Photo by Ric Tapia/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images

I have never seen the name “Bobby Evans” mentioned this many times by Rams fans. Obviously, it has not been for good reasons.

In the comments section of virtually any post-game article after the L.A. Rams’ 16-13 loss to the Tampa Bay Buccaneers on Sunday, “Why is Bobby Evans employed by an NFL team?” has become the main complaint about the 53 players on the roster. Which is saying something given the amount of complaints that fans have about the 3-5 Rams right now.

“I want to see some “drastic” changes. McVay can stop talking and try to shake things up: Number one: Evans cut.”

“If McVay lets Evans play one more snap, he’s an utter moron.”

“I can tell you ONE thing that will definitely and immediately improve the team immensely: find someone other than Lunchmeat Evans to play LG.”

The response on Twitter hasn’t been any different.

The frustrations are not without merit. The Rams probably have had the worst offensive line in the NFL at times this year and even if that is partly attributed to injuries at left tackle and guard (although the injury to Joseph Noteboom was probably a blessing in disguise), Evans was always a “next man up” option even though he came into the season with three years of experience under McVay and practically nothing to show for it other than a roster spot.

A third round pick in 2019, Evans made seven starts as a rookie and one last season, none of which were promising. He was also not impressing by any measure in preseason and training camp reps over the past four years. Evans has now started four of the last five games with starter David Edwards on injured reserve with a concussion.

On Sunday against the Bucs, PFF blamed Evans for half of the pressures and 75% of the sacks against Matthew Stafford.

Even if Edwards doesn’t return soon, the Rams must explore other options at guard. Recently-signed Oday Aboushi didn’t give up any pressures in his start against the 49ers and while fans should not get their hopes up for him either, it’s worth questioning why McVay hasn’t given him those reps at left guard recently.

Aboushi is a bad player usually, hence his availability. But why Evans doesn’t have that same availability is a mystery to which there are no answers.

Fans were ready for a change yesterday. No, fans were ready for a change yesteryear.