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Jalen Ramsey expresses frustration with Rams offense after loss

“We should not have been out there”

NFL: OCT 30 49ers at Rams Photo by Ric Tapia/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images

The L.A. Rams defense kept the Tampa Bay Buccaneers offense out of the end zone for the first 12 drives of the game, capped off by Jalen Ramsey finishing off the last two pass attempts by Tom Brady. There was 1:52 left on the clock when the Rams got the ball back and Tampa Bay had two timeouts left.

When Cooper Kupp slid down on second-and-10 with only five yards gained, Brady could be seen on the TV broadcast saying that he expected to get the ball back with :50 seconds left. Maybe that was when the game really ended for the Rams.

Brady got the ball back with :44 seconds left and no timeouts, but drove 60 yards to give the Buccaneers a 16-13 win on Sunday. Ramsey thought that L.A. would win the game after the defense stopped Brady on fourth down only two minutes earlier, but the Rams’ conservative playcalling on the ensuing drive ensured Brady a second chance at the game-winning drive.

He didn’t miss his opportunity. Ramsey didn’t miss his chance to talk to the media about his frustrations.

NFL Network’s Steve Wyche tweeted on Sunday that Ramsey didn’t expect the defense to have to come out for another drive.

“We should not have been.”

On third-and-5 of the Rams final drive, following the Kupp running play, L.A. called a run up the middle for Darrell Henderson. Henderson had two carries for one yard on that particular series. The Rams rank 32nd in the NFL in yards per carry.

What the Rams did not call in that situation was a pass. Not even to the reigning Offensive Player of the Year.

Jalen Ramsey may have a point.