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PSA Rams Faithful: Appreciate Sean McVay while he lasts

McVay rumored to retire once core group leaves

NFL: San Francisco 49ers at Los Angeles Rams Robert Hanashiro-USA TODAY Sports

It’s been a bleak seven weeks to start the season for the Los Angeles Rams. At 3-4, the defending champs are off to the worst start in the Sean McVay era.

Think about that for a moment. That’s only the worst they’ve been since he was hired in 2017. When you consider what came before McVay arrived, I’d say most Rams fans, while rightfully irritated right now, would happily take it.

The McVay era will someday go down as a golden age of Rams football if it’s not there already. It’s often fanbases take success for granted and this report doesn’t make it any easier:

Now, I’m unsure how legitimate this report is. I would assume wherever there’s smoke, a fire can’t be too far behind. After an offseason in which McVay contemplated an early retirement and transition into the broadcast booth, I believe this rumor has plenty of truth to it.

Perhaps the reality of Sean McVay retiring in the near future is beginning to sink in for some of us. Why wouldn’t he after all the success he’s had with this core? His career success is tied to them. No matter how much time he has left roaming the sidelines, it’s important to remember the Rams’ quick transition back to relevance.

In those LONG dreadful years full of wasted draft picks and 7-9 records were a little something I like to call ... the dark ages. The Rams first season back in Los Angeles was a year to forget. In 2016, LA went 4-12. LA started 3-1 before limping to a 1-11 finish. Head Coach Jeff Fisher was fired in December after a 42-14 loss to the Atlanta Falcons.

In this span, the Rams were the only team in the NFL between 2004-2016 not to record a winning season. This clinched their tenth-straight losing season and missed out on the postseason for the 12th straight year. Not to mention, they were the 49ers’ only two wins in 2016 (I suppose some things never change.)

From the moment 31-year-old Sean McVay landed in Hollywood, everything he’s touched turned to gold.

The Rams from 2017-2021 have gone 55-26 in the regular season and 7-3 in the playoffs. LA won Super Bowl LVI in February over the Bengals and lost their other appearance in the 2018 campaign against the Patriots. He also made Jared Goff look like an MVP candidate in his sophomore year which is Hall of Fame worthy all on its own.

McVay has never had a losing season in his career and has taken his teams to the playoffs in four of his five full seasons.

The point I’m trying to make is that LA should take the time to appreciate Sean McVay even if this year has left a lot to be desired so far.

Remember, the Rams have had it much worse.