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Who will be good again sooner: Steelers or Colts?

Monday Night Football

Cincinnati Bengals v Pittsburgh Steelers Photo by Justin K. Aller/Getty Images

The Pittsburgh Steelers and Indianapolis Colts are wasting everybody’s time on Monday night. The Steelers are 3-7 and nobody wants to watch Kenny Pickett, which says a lot for a first round rookie quarterback. Former GM Kevin Colbert got to make the pick even though he was retiring and he decided to throw the dice at a quarterback who not even the Panthers wanted.

Drafting Pickett feels like something you to do an employer on the way out when you have nothing good to say about the company. Like them offering to write you a recommendation and you telling them, “No thanks.”

The Steelers are so boring, this game is not going to be good.

Are we giving Mike Tomlin too much credit that next year is going to be okay based on the Steelers always being okay? Because they don’t seem okay.

Neither do the Colts, but I’ve always expected this from Jim Irsay. The only storyline on Monday night is whether or not Jeff Saturday gets his second win. Saturday would be one point away from being 3-0, if the Colts win. Probably says more about in-season and in-game coaching value than anything else.

It does seem like Saturday is the frontrunner to be Indianapolis’s coach next season. Who is closer to getting back to the playoffs in 2023? The Steelers or the Colts? That’s all anyone has to look forward to who is watching the game on Monday night... next year.