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Rams vs. Chiefs: 2nd Quarter Game Thread

The Rams are only down 7 at start of the second.

Los Angeles Rams v Kansas City Chiefs Photo by David Eulitt/Getty Images

The Los Angeles Rams trail the Kansas City Chiefs by a score of 7-0 at the end of the first quarter.

Kansas City began the game with the ball on offense, we might see a lot of their offense today, but their first drive ended with a punt back to the Rams.

On the Rams first offensive drive, things went as expected as the Rams went three and out and then punted the ball back to the dangerous K.C. offense. Fortunately, K.C. muffed the punt and gave the ball right back to the Rams. Unfortunately, the Rams offense continued to underperform, as expected.

The Chiefs found themselves on offense again and this time drove down the field. They capped off the drive with Patrick Mahomes throwing to Travis Kelce for a touchdown, giving the Chiefs a 7-0 lead.

LA did show some life on their next offensive drive, and drove into K.C. territory, and it looks like the Rams will attempt a field goal at the start of the second quarter.

Talk about the game with other Rams fans right here at Turf Show Times and please go ahead and rec your favorite game thread comments so we can identify the top comments after the game! Go Rams!