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Turf Show Times: A Very Merry Thanksgiving Games Thread

Jared Goff’s big Thanksgiving celebration

Buffalo Bills v Detroit Lions Photo by Nic Antaya/Getty Images

It’s Thanksgiving, 2022, and all your best friends and family members are here. Jared Goff. Kevin O’Connell. Hey, there’s Johnny Mundt! And look who brought cranberry sauce: Dante Fowler, Jr.

There are three Thanksgiving NFL games, as usual, so gather around the Turf Show Times turkey table and talk turduckens with twenty tipsy Turfers.

9:30 AM - Bills at Lions

Josh Allen visits Jared Goff in the morning game, as the 4-6 Lions hope to surprise the world with an upset over a Buffalo team that seems a little vulnerable lately. Are you rooting for Goff or would that be too painful? The Bills are 7-3 and a loss opens the door for Buffalo to be in last place in the NFC East soon. A win for Detroit would get them into striking distance for a playoff spot.

1:30 PM - Giants at Cowboys

Speaking of important records for the NFC postseason, Dallas and New York bring identical 7-3 records to the dinner table. Can Daniel Jones rip a top wild card position out of the hands of Dak Prescott and Mike McCarthy? You say ‘potato’, I Saquon for this afternoon lunchtime Thanksgiving matchup. Who are you rooting for in this one?

5:20 PM - Patriots at Vikings

Finally, O’Connell’s 8-2 Minnesota Vikings are coming off of an embarrassing 40-3 loss that puts all of their accomplishments into doubt. That would sort of make the Vikings like the cousin who went to Harvard but dropped out and now the aunts and uncles are asking, “Sup with your kid, Larry?” If the Bills lose and the Patriots win, then it could be Bill Belichick fighting for the AFC East again with the young Bills down on their luck.

A lot could happen on Thursday. On and off the field. Talk about it with your fellow Turf Show family right here.